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Sports Inc. 2000 Expands to Milwaukee

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – Recently promoted Assistant Director, Devin Scott, will be expanding to a new satellite office in Milwaukee, WI and leading Sports Inc. 2000’s newest campaign.


Devin Scott discussed and outlined his experiences at Sports Inc. 2000, factors that contributed to his ascension into leadership, and his expectations for the expansion to the Milwaukee marketplace.

Before becoming employed with Sports Inc. 2000, Devin was a football player at Western Kentucky University, and studying to become a Physical Therapist. Upon graduating, he started a position as a PT Technician.

“After reviewing the amount of time and loans it would take to see PT school all the way through, I made the difficult decision to make a career change,” Devin said. “I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do until I interviewed with Sports Inc. 2000.”

Devin outlined some of the primary aspects of the Sports Inc. 2000 environment that allowed him to grow at such a fast pace, as well as contributors to his success both professionally and personally.

“From the very start, I could tell that this team was more like a family,” Devin said. “Having that support from the people I worked with coupled with the immense growth opportunity have been the highlights of working at Sports Inc. 2000 for me.”

Devin added that one of essential experiences he had while working with Sports Inc. 2000 was when he was given the opportunity to manage his team for a week in Long Island, which was an unfamiliar market at the time. By the end of the week, their sales production ranked them number one in the nation.

“Several things contributed to my success throughout the Management Training Program,” Devin said. “Garrett Dahl taught me everything I know. I wouldn’t be here without Garrett. His leadership and Paul Malcolm’s ‘open door policy’ provided me what I needed to get to the next level.”

“Throughout my time here, I was always inherently motivated by my family,” Devin said. “I’m the oldest of seven siblings, so it’s important for me to set a good example for them. I also want to provide for my mom what she has been able to give to me.”

Devin noted that what he is anticipating most is being able to be his own boss and run his own office, since that is what he’s worked towards since his first day at Sports Inc. 2000. With the culmination of the aforementioned factors in Devin’s career at Sports Inc. 2000, he expressed the pivotal lessons that will manifest in his management style in Milwaukee.

“Paul Malcolm has taught me to always be proactive instead of reactive,” Devin said. “He also told me that ‘People are not cut out for success; people cut themselves out for success.”

“There is also a quote from my father that has impacted my outlook throughout my career so far,” Devin said. “The goal is in the future; what stands in our way are the problems that we will solve along the way.”


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