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Jacob Wohl Fund Montgomery Assets Sees Continued Interest from Chinese Investors

Montgomery Assets, a global asset management and proprietary trading firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA has seen a tremendous level of interest from Chinese investors.


Montgomery Assets is a boutique asset management and proprietary trading firm based in Los Angeles, CA. The firm develops and implements quantitative strategies which take advantage of market inefficiencies across asset classes, including equities, fixed income and commodities.

Montgomery Assets’ high-profile CEO Jacob Wohl has maintained a commitment towards interfacing with international investors. The firm has taken steps towards this mandate by attending dozens of institutional and retail investment conferences in 2017.

CEO Jacob Wohl says “With real estate and private equity markets drying up around the world, international investors, especially Chinese investors, are flocking to firms who are practitioners of public markets, firms like Montgomery Assets”.

Montgomery Assets has opened an office in the High-Tech District of Chengdu, China which is led by Montgomery Assets managing partner Eric Yang. The office has served as a source of information about the Chinese economy as well as the bedrock for Montgomery Assets’ international operations. The firm has attended institutional investment conferences across China, and has received a great attention from the Chinese institutional investment community.

With a global presence, Montgomery Assets has continued to improve its operations and build out a 24-hour trading capability, which it leveraged across US, European and Asian interest rate, equity index and commodity markets. Montgomery Assets’ core portfolio, which consists of 100% proprietary partner capital, has achieved its goal of 12% returns per annum, since its launch in October, 2016. Participation in this portfolio is currently closed to outside investors.

People interested in learning more about Montgomery Assets should contact the company through its website .

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