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Language learning platform LingQ launches Chrome, Safari and Firefox browser extension

Learners one click away from making a language lesson out of any online content


Web and app language learning platform LingQ has launched a browser extension that will open up a new world of content to its members.

The extension, available on Chrome, Safari and Firefox, allows LingQ members to grab content from any web page and instantly turn it into a lesson on LingQ. No more learning from boring content, with LingQ you can learn from whatever you like.

The LingQ system also gives language learners access to 1000s of hours of lessons with both audio and text. The idea is to read along to the audio, saving new words and phrases to be studied on the activities page and in future lessons.

This type of learning accelerates vocabulary acquisition and exposes learners to the sounds and rhythms of the new language. It’s the method that co-founder Steve Kaufmann uses to learn languages. He currently speaks 16 and is still learning.

If you want to learn from authentic content that you’re actually interested in, the LingQ browser extension is for you!

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