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Documentary "Thirassia: The Never land" produced by The Old Farm Ltd

Travel in the island where the time is stopped. The documentary will be signed by Marco Recalchi and produce by The Old Film Farm ltd.


We want to show you this amazing greek island before the tourism ruin it!!
Thirassia is very closed to the most important island in the world: Santorini. But in Thirassia there are not tourist during all the day and the people live far of our live style. The bus is free and there are only one shop. You can hair only the wind and the donkey bray.

We want to tell this incredible place before the companies build many hotels bringing the tourists inn the island. We will produce also a mini movie of 5 minutes filmed in 360 degrees so you can travel the island as you are there with the virtual reality.

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Contact Info
The Old Film Farm ltd
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Phone: +393933917378