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Diabetes Has a Cure, Lets Find It

Diabetes Find a Cure - Challenge 2017 creates art to bring awareness to humanitarian causes


Newport Beach, California, March 29 2017, GRACE DIVINE artist, has released a new art series and published a book to raise awareness to the important and imminent problems of diabetes in our communities. The art series Titled: Find a Cure for Diabetes is aimed at raising awareness to a huge and pervasive problem that still remains unsolved, and for which there is no solution thus far. Affecting thousands of people, this problem touches each and every one of us. But in order to FIND A CURE, we must first redirect our attention to this massive problem which injures so very many people.

This art series and book are part of what the artist author, Grace Divine calls, CHALLENGE 2017. Challenge 2017 is a challenge that the artist has undertaken for herself TO PAINT 1000 PAINTINGS in the year 2017 in order to disseminate important HUMANITARIAN CAUSES.

GRACE DIVINE has invited the public to join her in Challenge 2017 and to challenge themselves, this year, to do something positive every day, no matter how small. Those interested can also spread the word by hosting an internet or house “Art Party.” To find out more, please go to and link to CHALLENGE 2017.

To find out more, please call 949-836-6540, or visit her web site

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For more information contact:
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