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The Women's Travel Group Announces New Tours

The Women's Travel Group celebrates its 25 year with new, provocative and unusual tours for women. These tours include Easter Island, India for Diwali Festival, Oaxaca, Japan, Australia and other exotic destinations.


The Women's Travel Group specializes in unusual tours for women to colorful destinations. The small group tours often include speakers, inside visits to homes and sites that are new sometimes overlooked by the general travel industry. Example of a speaker is a former political prisoner in Ethiopia. An example of an unusual visit is to a Mayan home in the Yucatan interior.

The company looks for new destinations. Upcoming trips are planned as soon as a destination becomes a viable one for Americans. Considerations are infrastructure, safety, intrinsic interest, hotel and food quality. Examples from last year were Iran and Ethiopia. Upcoming tours are listed on the company site.

An accompanying Travel Tips blog is full of information geared to women, encouragement to explore the world with the theme of seeing places as our mutual destiny.

For more information: see our site: or call our office 646 309 5607. is available for interviews.

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