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Computacenter and Intel on Breaking Down Barriers to Technology Adoption

“As soon as you need to think about how to use technology it becomes a barrier,” says Jim Henrys, Director of Business Solutions at Intel.


He is referring to the current situation many people face in their companies, where the workplace applications being implemented are not intuitive systems, or if they are, are not given proper introduction. While companies are seeking to upgrade their operation by integrating intuitive software, they also need to focus on technology adoption—that is, how to bring the people along with the new systems. Business leaders need to ask, What are the barriers to adoption of new technology? And then they need to break those barriers down. Computacenter and Intel are collaborating to show them how.

The first thing to understand is how people work and how to use technology to support that. This is a user centric approach, rather than a technologically deterministic one. Mr. Henrys says, “We want to know how technology can enrich [people’s] lives rather than limit them.” He explains that there are three ways people work. First, they must be able to work on the go, which means they must have digital work tools that enable them to connect wherever they are in a versatile and secure way. Second, people need to be able to collaborate. Workplace collaboration is essential to an organisation’s creativity and productivity, and the technology should work to facilitate it with high quality visuals and audio, giving people the ability to seamlessly share ideas. And lastly, people need a quiet focused, personal workspace, with technology that is simple and adaptable so the mind is inspired to wander and concentrate freely.

The adoption of new technology is a key issue in today’s business world. The divide between the tech we use for play as opposed to work is becoming increasingly negigible, but there’s still some work to be done to make work tools more agile. Therefore it is essential for businesses to look at barriers to technology adoption and eliminate them so that they don’t lose out on investments in new technology, and so that employees will feel compelled to make the most of the tools they are given. Those companies that take a human-based approach to user adoption will in turn be more attractive to employees and customers alike. In conclusion, Mr. Henrys states, “The tech supports the workstyles I’ve described, it’s NOT the workstyle itself. The tech is the means by which people can work the way they want to, and need to. Do that and user adoption won’t be a problem. Your investment in technology will yield a return: financially and in a very human way.”

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