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WeePallet Starts to Manufacture Custom Plastic Pellets for OEM Clients

WeePallet today announced that it has started manufacturing custom plastic pallets for OEM clients.


WeePallet, a global leader in manufacturing and supplying HDPE plastic pallets, today announced that it has started manufacturing custom plastic pallets for OEM clients. This will give WeePallet partners an unprecedented way to expand their market share in the plastic pallet industry.

“Since we began manufacturing plastic pallets 20 years ago, we strive to give our customers the best products from the finest 100% virgin HDPE materials by investing in more blow molding machines and adopting advanced quality testing procedures,” said Mr. Blue Chen, the WeePallet Export Manager. “Our dedicated team is prepared to handle bulk orders as we have always done with our standard design plastic pallets.”

Features of Custom Plastic Pallets

High quality HDPE material

WeePallet uses 100% virgin HDPE material, thus the ability to produce super strong and durable plastic pallets.

Colors available

OEM clients can choose from blue, red, green or yellow custom plastic pallets. WeePallet can also manufacture pallets with other colors upon request.

Industrial applications

WeePallet produces and adopts unique manufacturing techniques for every plastic pallet. Clients can choose from drum plastic pallets, hygienic plastic pallets, storage plastic pallets or heavy duty plastic pallets.
The company provides many plastic pallet options for any supply chain management process. For over 20 years, WeePallet has been supplying big brands in the global market with plastic pallets.

Plastic pallet design

OEM clients can choose from either 4 way entry points with forklifts or 2 way entry points with a pallet jack. Furthermore, they can choose from double side, nine legs, picture frame or three runner pallets.
They come in a wide range of surface designs, varying thickness and sizes. The racking, dynamic and static load depends on the specific application of the plastic pallet.

Quality testing and verification

All WeePallet custom plastic pallets are subjected to high quality testing and product verification. According to WeePallet manufacturing standards, all plastic pallets must pass the load tests and the 100 meter drop test.

Manufacturing technology

Depending on the specific applications of the plastic pallets, WeePallet may adopt blow molding or injection molding. WeePallet has 8 sets of blow molding machines and 30 sets of injection molding machines.

Furthermore, it has 212 different types of molds and the company can still build custom designs on request.

WeePallet has the capability to handle bulk production of plastic pallets. The current production capacity is 10,000 plastic pallets per day.

About WeePallet

WeePallet is an internationally recognized manufacturing force for plastic pallets in China. The company uses a high-tech molding process and testing equipment.

It uses high quality and virgin HDPE and PP materials. Currently, it has a production capacity of 15,000 per day.

WeePallet is now one of the best plastic pallet manufacturers in China.

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