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Accumen Partners with Yuma Regional Medical Center to Focus on Critical Laboratory Initiatives

Accumen and Yuma Regional Medical Center partnership developed to create better patient outcomes with lab excellence


SAN DIEGO, April 18, 2017- Accumen Inc. has announced a lab excellence strategic partnership with Yuma Regional Medical Center (Yuma). The partnership brings together two organizations that will be striving to create world-class laboratories by implementing a Comprehensive Patient Blood Management program (cPBM), improving integrated lab supply chain, and test menu optimization.

Yuma is a not-for-profit hospital with 406 beds, 2,000 employees, 300 medical providers, and hundreds of volunteers. Providing patients and families exceptional care has always been the hospital’s priority. Led by the mission “to improve the health and well-being of individuals, families and the communities we serve through excellence, innovation and prudent use of resources,” the hospital offers individualized care and delivering excellence to every patient.

Yuma is a member of the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AzHHA), a statewide association of organizations and leaders that are devoted to building better healthcare for the people of Arizona. Members of this organization belong to a large community of health systems that work together in achieving better results for all patients and communities. As a partner with Accumen and as a member of AzHHA, Yuma fulfills their organizational vision of working collaboratively to evolve the best system of integrated healthcare.

“Accumen looks forward to creating positive change at Yuma through pursuit of improvements in clinical laboratory management. Yuma and Accumen share the same ultimate goal, to improve outcomes for all patients, and both organizations are actively working to make this happen,” said Ted Landis, Chief Growth Officer at Accumen.

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Disclaimer: Accumen has no authority, responsibility or liability with respect to any clinical decisions made by – or in connection with – a provider’s laboratory, patient blood management, or other operations. Nothing herein and no aspect of any services provided by Accumen is intended – or shall be deemed – to subordinate, usurp or otherwise diminish any providers’ sole authority and discretion with respect to all clinical decision-making for its patients.

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