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Arizona Podcaster Danielle Hampson Signs Global Agency Contract With Multi-Award Winning Children's Book Author Dr Nicole

Dr. Nicole is a best-selling author, based in Quebec, who writes children’s books that educate, inspire and teach valuable life lessons. Danielle Hampson is the Executive Producer of 'The Authors Show'


Dr. Nicole Audet, a French Canadian medical doctor from Montreal, Canada, and author of a series of award winning educational children’s books has chosen Danielle Hampson, Founder and Executive Producer of 'The Authors Show' to be her international agent and represent her around the world.

“Because of her guest appearances on my podcast I became very familiar with Dr. Nicole’s work”, stated Ms Hampson, “and I am specifically attracted to the educational component of her books that teach children about their bodies, organ functions and diseases while entertaining them. The fact that she is a practicing medical doctor adds the credibility to her work, so when she asked me to help her with the distribution of her books on a global scale, I was honored and very happy to accept. Her work has the power to help children and their parents around the world and especially in third world nations where this type of information is so much needed.”

A family doctor with a Master in Medical Pedagogy and author of over 20 books, Dr. Nicole writes health guides for adults and books that explain medical issues to children. She has won multiple international awards and has been recognized as one of ten “Most Inspirational Women” by Maman Dion, mother of singer Celine Dion, who created the Maman Dion Foundation to bring educational support to impoverished children and their families.

A pioneer in online media, Danielle created 'The Authors Show' over a decade ago, long before Internet streaming radio & podcasting became popular. She is a public speaker and an expert at business networking who has conducted many workshops at conferences in the USA and China. As an International Marketing Consultant who speaks several languages, she has traveled the world and has assisted U.S. & foreign companies in establishing footholds on both sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific. She also volunteers her time and resources to produce and host 'World Academy Radio' a podcast she created to help bring exposure to the work of 'World Academy for the Future of Women', a multi-level three year curriculum focused on developing young women for leadership roles that address the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (UN-MDG’s) and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

More information on Dr. Nicole is available at her website. More information on Danielle Hampson is available at The Authors Show site.

About Danielle Hampson:

Danielle Hampson is an International Marketing Consultant, networking expert, podcaster and is the Executive Director of The Authors Show.

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