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RE/MAX Alliance Group Recognizes Top Associates

Awards Breakfast Honors Associates and Teams for 2016 Performance and Service


RE/MAX Alliance Group recognized associates and teams for 2016 performance and service at an awards breakfast held recently. In 2016, the Diamond Club and Titan Club awards were presented to fewer than 1 percent of active RE/MAX agents worldwide.


The Stiver Firth Team, led by team leader Carla Stiver, received the top Club award, the Diamond Club award.

The second-highest Club award, the Titan Club award, was presented to the following teams: The Brewer Team - Team Leader Lee Brewer, Erick Shumway and Associates - Team Leader Erick Shumway, The Glenn Brown Team - Team Leader Glenn Brown, The Kathy Damewood Team - Team Leader Kathy Damewood and The Travis Group - Team Leaders Jay Travis and Christy Travis-Hey.

Stanley Rutstein and Shayla Twit received the third-highest Club award, the Chairman's Club award, as did the following teams:  Al Dumas & Team - Team Leader Al Dumas, The Cleary Group - Team Leaders Joe and Missy Cleary, The Finney Team - Rhonda and Duane Finney, and Tom Wagner & Associates - Team Leader Tom Wagner.

Platinum Club

The fourth-highest Club award, the Platinum Club award was presented to fewer than 5 percent of active RE/MAX agents worldwide in 2016. The award was presented to Mike Bridges, Ryan Carson, Allen Conrad, Courtney De Fillippis, Nancy Eilerson, Rick Libro, Marcia McLaughlin, Lesley Melahn, Sandra Newell, Linda Singer, Kim Stephens and Ron Suponcic.
The following teams also earned the Platinum Club award: The Aston Group - Team Leader May Aston, The Baker Global Team - Team Leader Pat Baker, The Cail Grande Group - Tom Cail and Jason Grande, The Colwell Team - Stan and Lori Colwell, Dennis Kotaska & Associates - Team Leader Dennis Kotaska, The Greg Sheller Team - Team Leader Greg Sheller, The Huxtable Team - Team Leader Christine Huxtable, The Lorman Team - Dave Lorman and Robin Bowman, The MJ Group - Martina Hornjak and Karen Lehman, Sarasota Property Group - Team Leader Alex Krumm, The Seider Group - Tracy and Matt Seider, The Starcher Team - Linda and Stafford Starcher, Team Lily Behrends - Team Leader Lily Behrends, Team Richard Capps - Team Leader Richard Capps and The Trexler Team - Team Leader Larisa Trexler.

The fifth-highest Club award is the Gold Club, an award level created by RE/MAX Alliance Group. The following individuals earned the Gold Club award: Andrew Barnard, Denise Conrad, Laurie Fox, Leonard Giarrano, Jason Grande, Marty Haines, Shannon Hansbury, Brett Keyser, Kim Kruysman, Joey Lamielle, Susan Repp, Scott Rickards, Pat Ritchey, Patricia Ronderos, Stephan Scalera, Sandy Sibley, Lori Stewart and Janet Trefry.

The following teams earned the Gold Club award: The Adamson Team - Jim and Chrisi Adamson, The David Roth Team - Elsa and David Roth, The Flerlage Real Estate Group - Team Leader Nick Flerlage, The Holleran-Bouck Team - Joe Holleran and Lisa Bouck, The Lee Rhodes Team - Team Leader Lee Rhodes, The Menke-Kaney Team - Reeny Kaney and Allie Menke and Ray Williams and Associates - Team Leader Ray Williams.
100% Club

Only 22 percent of active RE/MAX agents worldwide received the 100% Club award in 2016. For RE/MAX Alliance Group, it is the sixth highest Club award level.

The following individuals have earned the 100% Club award: Heather Ackley, Marie Avery-Withers, Carey Beychok, Annemarie Boerner, Ryan Brown, Larry Brzostek, Lindsay Bucknell, David Butler, Helen Carlsen, Ellen Esses, John Fevrier, Kelli Gambardella, Pat Gillum, Ivan Gould, Donna Hampton, Larry Haymore, Nick Herron, Randy Huberty, Peggy Laigle, Karen Lehmann, Kathy Liga, Allie Menke, Linda McCraney, Claudia Meyer, Kimberly Mills, Barbara Mollanazar, Angie Moulton, Jennifer Naylor, Oskar Nuut, Becca Nye, David O'Neil, Chuck Palmeri, Linda Quintero, Wendy Ross, Gail Runyon, Linda Stowe, Carol VanDoren and Laura Way.

The following teams have earned the 100% Club award: The BT Group - Team Leader Beverly Hayden, The Beverly Bowen Team - Team Leader Beverly Bowen, The Fred Dalley Team - Team Leader Fred Dalley, Team Moody - Yvonne & Richard Moody, The Spelman Source - Christine and John Spelman, Team Tritschler - Team Leader Rick Tritschler and The Wright Team - Team Leader Rose Wright.

Executive Club

Only 18 percent of active RE/MAX agents worldwide received the Executive Club award. For RE/MAX Alliance Group, it is the seventh highest Club award level.

The following individuals have earned the Executive Club award: Chrisi Adamson, Stephen Arters, Marietta Ashcraft, Sherry Bagley, Kari Battaglia, Tom Battisto, Ron Beahm, Jane Bear, Grace Bergeron, Kim Booth, Lisa Bouck, Robin Bowman, Brenda Bradshaw, Glenn Callaghan, Chris Callas, Kathy Carpenter, Leonard Carulli, Adam Chicoine, Jayne Del Medico, Lorna Deutscher, Colleen Finnegan, Bob Firth, Erlene Fitzpatrick, Cindy Foster, Becky Freed, Lisa Gillaspy, Bill Givens, Tiffany Hamilton, Kathy Hart, Mona Haymore, Bob Henley, Sharon Hightower, Daniel Hilts, Barbara King, Don Lewis, Daniel Malloy, Pat McMahon, Cory Montagano, Jack Otto, Richard Parker, Janet Parsons, Margaret Ruck, Chris Sampsono, Don Schroder, Sharon Sluckis, Paula Steinert, Pat Stetson, Jeff Stone, Cheryl Torres, Chuck Vargo, Gina Wallwork and Toula Xistris.

The following teams have earned the Executive Club award: The Florida Paradise Group - Stacy and Patrick Cunneen, Huber Luxury Team- Team Leader Mark Huber, Gae Stewart & Associates - Gae Stewart and Ron Dudley, Team Vargo - Mary and Chuck Vargo and The Wanda and Alan Kerr Team.


Hall of Fame

Since its inception, fewer than 23 percent of all active RE/MAX agents worldwide have received the Hall of Fame career award.

The Hall of Fame award was presented to Andrew Barnard, David Butler, Judy Falkenthal, Kathy Liga, Kimberly Mills, Sandra Newell, Carla Stiver, Shayla Twit, Carol VanDoren and Rose Wright.


The Rising Star Award is presented to RE/MAX Alliance Group associates who are fairly new to the company or have recently separated from a team and have achieved success quickly and become a model for others to emulate.

The award was presented to Stephen Arters, Scott Haddow, Lisa Bouck, and Tiffany Hamilton.

The Spirit Award is presented to RE/MAX Alliance Group associates who have demonstrated excellent support to RE/MAX Alliance Group and the community through participation, leadership and service to others.

The award was presented to: Erlene Fitzpatrick, Nick and Beth Flerlage, and Christine Spelman.


The Ray Kanwischer Award was presented to Carla Stiver. Ray Kanwischer was a husband, father, friend and a RE/MAX agent. He passed away suddenly in 2006. He had life's priorities in perspective. He had that smile that was warm, genuine and reassuring. He lent a helping hand to anyone who asked and expected nothing in return. He was quiet and unassuming yet a source of strength to all who knew him. This award honors an associate who epitomizes many of Ray's qualities.

PHOTO: Carla Stiver (center) accepts the Diamond Club award from RE/MAX Alliance Group Co-Owner Peter Crowley, Managing Broker David Clapp, Co-Owner Ron Travis and Co-Owner David Coupland.Image

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