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UREH Offering All Cash For Atlanta's Unlisted Properties

Top real estate investment company looking to make all cash offers to motivated sellers with FSBO property or realtors representing clients with off-market properties located in Atlanta's top appreciating neighborhoods and hot-spots.


(Atlanta, GA) - Are you a motivated seller of a problem property in one of Atlanta's top appreciating neighborhoods or hot-spots? Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC "UREH" today announced an All Cash Offer promotional launch directly targeting Atlanta's hottest performing zip codes. Designed to target motivated sellers with properties that have been unable to move at retail prices or while listed on the market.

"Our company is particularly interested in purchasing FSBO "For Sale By Owner" properties and pocket listings held by agents that may have problems," stated Kyle Ransom the President of Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC "UREH".

The goal of Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC "UREH" is to solve real estate problems. They purchase real estate from extremely motivated sellers looking to unload hard to sell properties. This includes single family homes, residential multi-family 2 to 4 units, land raw or developed, and commercial properties. Creating a win-win situation for an all cash offer purchase and quick closing in 10 business days.

Real estate agents are also welcomed to present off-market pocket listings for all cash offers on behalf of their clients. UREH will purchase properties represented by realtors and the company enjoys working with realtors on hard to sell unlisted transactions.

Mortgage lenders who foreclose allow realtors to sell directly to UREH their unlisted inventory. Presenting an opportunity to sell foreclosures very fast and eliminating the huge competition when listing among the masses. Which UREH is also able to purchase bulk portfolios of foreclosed off-market properties.

Using advanced digital marketing technology it's very easy to submit any property for review to UREH in the metro Atlanta area to receive potential cash offers. Property submissions may be submitted directly on their high-tech mobile website or through their mobile apps. Simply download the "Home Flipp Atlanta by UREH" app available on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store for cash offers.

For more information please visit or call (470) 362-7887.

Contact Info
UREH/ Kyle Ransom
6050 Peachtree Pkwy
Suite 240-213
Norcross, GA 30092

Phone: (470) 362-7887