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Local Self-mastery Expert Leila Khan Announces Release of New Book

If one thing is certain, it's that life can be counted on to present challenges. How a person handles them is an important factor in how happy and how successful they are likely to be. Author Leila Khan understands this well and has stepped up to help with the recent release of her eye opening book “101+ Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles!: A Guide to Handling ANY Problem With Ease”. A FREE copy of her new book is available on request to interested media professionals.


A person who hopes to live a problem free life is sure to face a great deal of disappointment. On the other hand, learning new ways to face and overcome the issues life can present in a more efficient way can be wildly valuable. Author, Public Speaker, Self-mastery Expert and Creator of The Trailblazers Mentorship Leila Khan is more than happy to help, recently announcing the exciting release of her new book “101+ Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles! A Guide to Handling ANY Problem With Ease”, which delivers a proven program of mastering emotions, mindsets and other internal processes, which then delivers the ability to quickly and painlessly make it past just about anything the world has to offer.

“You have what it takes to unlock the power of your mind for a truly extraordinary life experience of your choosing,” commented Khan about her new book's message and method. “Once you master the internal world, the external world is hardly a problem at all. You deserve to be happy and '101+ Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles' delivers a tried and true, proven pathway to happiness.”

According to the author, some of the topics covered in the breakthrough new book include highlights like: how to overcome loneliness and depression; how to solve relationship problems; master self-confidence; become great at public speaking; break free from social anxiety; gain the courage to find a fulfilling job; and much more. Free of fluff, Khan delivers value on every page of the book which seems destined to be a self help classic.

Early feedback from readers has been very passionate across the board.
Michelle S., from New York, recently said in a five star review, “I read '101+ Ways to Overcome Life's Biggest Obstacles' at exactly the right moment in my life. I was totally feeling overwhelmed at work and in my personal life and I needed a plan to follow to help me regain some stability. This beautiful book delivered all of that and more. Within days of applying what Leila teaches things begun to turn around. Right now I couldn't be happier. Fully recommended.”

Leila Khan is available for media interviews, expert guest appearances and contributions to both online and print publications. A FREE copy of her new book is available on request to interested media professionals.

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