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FAM Announces Revolving Line of Credit for High Risk Merchants

First American Merchant offers merchants revolving lines of credit that help cover expenses, boost growth and fund expansion.


First American Merchant (FAM) is an alternative provider that supplies business funding options to a long list of merchants and industries, including: automotive, doctors, dentistry, hotel and motel, restaurant, retail, trucking, construction, beauty salon, among many others. These industries, along with other small businesses and startups, struggle to secure the cash they need with traditional lenders. Typically, they are categorized as “high-risk” and turned away.

FAM has years of experience in helping these high-risk merchants obtain the services they need to operate smoothly and boost their cash flow. One of their business financing options is a revolving line of credit. A revolving line of credit is a flexible method that allows a merchant to borrow working capital in increments that he or she needs. The benefit is that merchants can boost their cash flow when the business experiences shortages (e.g. ups and downs in sales, seasonal changes, etc.)

“Here at 1st American, we understand the challenges that high risk business models face. In business, growth doesn’t always remain on an upswing. There may be dips and valleys along the way.”

The biggest advantage of revolving credit for entrepreneurs is that it enables businesses to pursue opportunities when they arise – even if they do not have funds immediately available to invest. A revolving line of credit makes it easy to grow, invest, expand and stay ahead of the competition. With FAM, the application process is simple, fast and hassle-free. The application itself can be completed in a matter of minutes, and funds are received in as little as 24 hours from approval.

The easy collections process also provides flexibility. Payments are simply a percentage of the business’ daily sales. Meaning, during busy months, the business pays back more. During slow seasons, it pays back less. “Your payments are automatically held from your credit card transactions. No fixed monthly payment.”

According to the team at FAM, “We get paid when you get paid. We've built a large network to ensure you have the best options available to you, and we're still growing.”

First American Merchant Funding (FAM) boasts a large network of agents and numerous payment gateway options. Focused on “financing the American dream”, FAM is proud to offer the services of a full support staff and robust financing options to a broad range of industries. FAM has one of the best approval rates in the business, and specializes in working with businesses considered to be “high risk”.

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