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Announcing Food IT: Fork to Farm

For the fourth consecutive year, The Mixing Bowl presents Food IT, under the theme “Fork to Farm”. Action-oriented entrepreneurs, industry players, investors, and representatives from leading global food and ag innovation hubs will gather at our event.

“Connecting those feeding the world with those changing the world through IT Innovation”

The event will be comprised of five main elements:

  • Moderated Group Discussions

- The Dean’s List of Food & AgTech Topics
- Tech’s Role in Changing Consumers’ Food Choices
- The Downstream Effects of Tech-Enabled Consumers' New Food Choices
- The Upstream Production Challenges of Tech-Enabled Consumers’ Food Choices
- The Internet of Tomatoes: From Seed to Soup to Social Media

  • The Blender Startup Pitch Competition with Food/AgTech start-ups once again vying to win the “Golden Blender Award” pitching to seasoned venture capitalists.

  • Deep Dive Interactive Breakout Sessions providing participants the opportunity to take a deep dive together for collaborative discussion of timely topics related to food, agriculture and technology.

  • Innovation Marketplace with innovators giving hands-on demonstrations of products, services and programs.

  • Thematically Aligned Food Experience from Google Food & Off the Grid

Event details:
Date: June 27, 2017
Time: 9:00 am - 6:00pm
Location: The Computer History Museum
Address: 1401 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States
General Admission: $250 – discount codes can be applied

In the food system, technology is now enabling the consumer’s fork to become mightier than the producers’ farm. At FOOD IT: Fork to Farm we will explore this shift in power caused by the rise of the tech-enabled food consumer, its upstream production and supply implications as well as downstream societal consequences.

“For the fourth year, thought leaders from the food, ag, and tech sectors will once again gather for this thought-provoking event. Through a day of interactive engagement we will seek to better understand the ramifications in our food system of choices made by tech-enabled consumers” said Rob Trice, The Mixing Bowl’s founder.

The Mixing Bowl

First conceived in 2013 in Silicon Valley, The Mixing Bowl stimulates the adoption of IT innovation in the food and agriculture industries through business-focused dialogue between existing industry players, start-ups, investors, and other food innovators.
It aims to foster strong bonds between the IT innovation ecosystem and the Food & Ag sectors, as well as develop strong ties between Food & Ag innovation hubs within California, across the US, and expand throughout the globe.

Contact Info
The Mixing Bowl
355 Barton Way
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Phone: 6502752343