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The Best Action Movies for Sound

Let’s face it: movies make great entertainment. When you can immerse yourself in the Audio experience, you’re bound to enjoy it, whether you’re watching alone, cuddling up with your sweetie, or throwing a viewing party with friends.


If you’ve got a great Audio setup, you’ll want to take it for the ultimate test drive with the best action movies for sound. You might think that the biggest, most bombastic guts-and-glory blockbuster is the best choice, but that’s not always the case. Sure, you’ll want a few high-speed car chases or explosions, but you’ll also want your flick to offer a wide range of audio, from cover-your-ears excitement to whisper-level dialogue. Why? It’s the best way to take advantage of all a movie soundtrack has to offer when it comes to audio.

Here are a few of the best action movies for sound:

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece may just be the ultimate movie for the surround sound experience. The haunting and dark score by Hans Zimmer melds seamlessly with crisp dialogue, film pyrotechnics, and effortlessly realistic sound effects. The truck flip scene during one of the epic battles is a high point.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

Russell Crowe sails the high seas in this 2002 blockbuster that has stood the test of time, remaining as engrossing as the day it came out in theaters. The soundtrack utterly absorbs viewers. With the subtle sound of seawater slapping against the boat’s hull, the sweet sounds of violin playing, and enough roaring explosions to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty boys, its soundtrack believably creates an immersive movie-watching experience.

War of the Worlds

Intensely absorbing, this thriller/horror classic about an alien invasion of Earth offers a nuanced and gripping soundtrack. The thunderstorm in which the aliens land is particularly compelling.

The Thing

Though it dates from 1982, John Carpenter’s The Thing offers fantastic surround sound audio. The opening scene follows a Norwegian helicopter chasing the alien-infected dog, and the sound of the helicopter blades echoing in the mountains makes you feel as if you’re right there in the action.

Saving Private Ryan

Since so much of this Steven Spielberg film is shot from the point of view of a soldier on the ground, the soundtrack becomes a key storyteller. From bullets whizzing overheard to the aural backdrop of chaos and carnage, the film truly immerses viewers in the surround sound experience.

It’s not an action movie, but The Red Violin has a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. This 1999 film follows a fictional world-renowned violin through the centuries—and finally, at the end, reveals the dark mystery of its glorious sound. The soundtrack, with music performed by virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell, is packed with astounding performances.

Looking for movies to enjoy with the younger members of your family? The Polar Express, starring Tom Hanks as the gruff but loving conductor bearing small charges to the North Pole, overflows with fantastic train sound effects. WALL-E by Disney/Pixar is another solid choice; its soundtrack is peppered with classical music, musical theater favorites, and original compositions as well as absorbing sound effects. Finally, the more recent Zootopia bursts with energy, from the candy-sweet “Try Everything” to all the sounds of a wild animal big city.

If you’re now imagining how you, too, could bring the big-screen experience into your home, let Grand Slam A/V and Security help. With its 360° stereo effect, surround sound brings audio to life—that’s why it’s one of our most highly requested services. We’re masters at transforming any space—even in older homes—into a great watching space. We provide 100% of the equipment needed to implement surround sound with a variety of speaker configurations and cutting-edge sound formats.

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