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First American Merchant Offers No Credit Check Financing Programs

FAM’s no credit check financing program allows merchants to safely offer options to customers with less than stellar credit.


Los Angeles, California - As a high-risk provider, the team of experts at First American Merchant (FAM) has years of experience in offering merchants the solutions they need – solutions that are specifically tailored to meet each merchant’s unique needs. Unwilling to handle the potential risks involved, banks turn these “high risk” merchants away. FAM, on the other hand, provides a wide range of merchant services, including no credit check financing.
For merchants, the ability to offer a financing program that guarantees that most customers will be eligible and easily qualify for is incredibly valuable. The advantage of no credit check financing is that consumers have an affordable way to pay for the business’ product or service when they are unable to afford the full cost; this financing program breaks the cost down into affordable monthly payments. Thus, providing the business an opportunity to boost sales and attract new customers.

Financing programs are not a prevalent service today. Banks are incredibly strict on giving funds to customers, and most business’ clients simply don’t qualify for the service. FAM’s no credit check financing gives merchant’s the power to offer a complete payment solution to customers, regardless of their credit situation. Customers can easily qualify to finance their purchases.
One of the biggest advantages of choosing First American Merchant is simplicity of the application process. Merchants who wish to secure no credit check financing programs can complete an application in a matter of minutes. Unlike working with a bank, the documentation requirements are minimal, credit scores below 500 are approved, there are no complicated contracts and approval rates are high.

“We've built a large network to ensure you have the best options available to you, and we're still growing…we have some of the best approval rates in the business. We approve merchants that find it hard to get approved elsewhere.”
Located in Los Angeles, CA, First American Merchant Funding (FAM) boasts a large network of agents and numerous payment gateway options. Focused on “financing the American dream”, FAM is proud to offer the services of a full support staff and robust financing options to a broad range of industries. FAM has one of the best approval rates in the business, and specializes in working with businesses considered to be “high risk”.

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