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Insurance Comparison Site Quote Chief Paves The Way For Fast Food Delivery Drivers

Quote Chief launches new insurance comparison service for fast food delivery drivers.


With people living hectic lives and struggling to balance work and family life, there has been a dramatic increase in the consumption of fast food as people just don’t have the time to cook. The number of takeaway meals consumed by the British public now stands at a staggering 22 million meals every week. This surge in fast food demand has created a growing industry in fast food delivery services, with the rise of new companies such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Traditional take away delivery services have also been in high demand, as currently 75% of fast food orders are still being placed traditionally over the phone to local takeaways and pizza parlours. All of these delivery drivers, whether working for traditional or newer delivery services, require separate or additional vehicle insurance cover for delivering fast food.

The food delivery market has experienced massive growth partly due to the introduction of new quick and easy online ordering services over the last few years. With smart phone usage at an all time high, the ease of access to these online services via smart phone apps has contributed to the increase in the demand in fast food delivery. The food delivery market currently accounts for 4% of all food sold at restaurants and fast food outlets and it’s anticipated that this figure could climb by as much as 3.5% per year over the next 5 years.

Quote Chief operate a leading insurance comparison website and are based out of the North of England. They are constantly expanding into new markets and evolving the way they work to save their website's users time and money. Having already helped tens of thousands of convicted drivers to obtain the insurance required to get their impounded vehicles back, the comparison experts are now looking to have a big impact on the Fast Food Delivery Driver Insurance market by helping drivers find the most competitive quotes.

Quote Chief quickly realised that the insurance market wasn’t competitive enough for fast food delivery drivers, with no easy way to compare cover from different insurers. By creating a network of insurance brokers, Quote Chief are encouraging competition between insurers and offering delivery drivers a way to compare competitive quotes for delivering fast food in their own vehicles. Nathan Jones, Co-founder of Quote Chief says:

“People have often turned to fast food delivery driving as a second source of income, more so in recent years due to all of the financial instability that we have faced. With flexible working hours, often available in the evenings and weekends after finishing your day job, it can be a good top up to your income. We noticed that there weren’t any options for takeaway drivers to compare insurance policies that offer them the right level of cover to use their own vehicle for making deliveries and we didn’t want people to be put off getting out there and earning more due to massive insurance costs.

So we set out to find the best brokers, those who can offer quick and competitive quotes, to partner with for our food delivery insurance comparison service. We’ve got a network of brokers that can cover most drivers with very few restrictions.

The biggest priority when it comes to insurance comparison is how quickly and easily users can get the quotes they want. You have to appreciate that a lot of people look for their quotes during breaks or lunch hours, so as well as making our website fully mobile friendly we wanted the process to be quick and easy. We prioritise user friendliness on our site and we’ve worked tirelessly to make the process as simple as possible for drivers to get the cheapest quotes.

We expect the fast food delivery market to grow in line with analyst estimates and are looking to increase our resources to meet the growing demand for hot food delivery insurance as there will definitely be more and more delivery drivers needed to keep up with demand.”

Additionally Quote Chief are on the constant lookout for opportunities to provide cheaper products and services to people in various insurance markets, especially in areas where consumers have a limited choice and are often faced with paying higher premiums.

Alongside their insurance comparison services, Quote Chief are constantly looking for new markets to branch out into, and are looking to launch complimentary services such as car finance comparison later this year. By offering a wide range of services and products and keeping up with market trends, Quote Chief hopes to continue to grow by ensuring there is plenty of choice and encourage repeat business.

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