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2017-06-05 Print Insider Secrets For Atlanta's Most Covet Lists

Atlanta's luxury lifestyle audience is not driven by same tastes as the masses but exclusivity for superiority.


(Atlanta, GA) - Metro Atlanta, GA is growing so rapidly that people don't ever have to leave for new city experiences. Today, announced secrets for Atlanta's most covet lists. Revealing creativity for culture experiences is what's driving demands for covet lists.

Identifying where the upwardly mobile can experience the best Atlanta has to offer is like the new in-club sport. Hence the website's name as, being a digital space to identify Atlanta's upscale trends.

What makes the digital space for this website's concept so unique is their very own storyline. Online since 2007, the site operates as an specialty local expert in metro Atlanta's luxury environment for scouting lifestyle living experiences and sourcing most influential covet lists. Not focused so much on their social media growth for followers, but actually from their online digital turf space and ability to attract visitors to their site.

Created by Kyle and CR Cataunya Ransom as a husband and wife team, the website is now owned and operated by Uply Media, Inc. Which both co-founders still maintain their original roles and positions overseeing editorial approvals as well as management staff.

According to CR Cataunya Ransom, she credits the site's success to building digital curating credibility and use of data science research to attract their true organic following. Expressing this type of growth is organic and can't be achieved on social media, only from digital platforms. Explaining their social media presence for them is all about engagement, providing their viewership audience an Omni-channel destination to reach their site.

"People are obsessed with lists of best things and places in metro Atlanta, GA" stated Kyle Ransom.

Continuing he cites this is a primary reason why their Top Atlanta Luxury website produces such powerful results for marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. Also he credits their secret sauce success for mastering data science and building an email database of over 150,000 individuals interested in their lists as driving factors.

The covet lists from Top Atlanta Luxury present an boutique sized speciality alternative, in contrast large massive sites attract audiences with many vastly different backgrounds and opinions. Where a very large site such is offers a way to find local businesses by delivering over 100 million reviews. For Top Atlanta Luxury their audience is niche focused on Atlanta's luxury lifestyle. So geolocation targeting for sourcing lists is not driven by same tastes as the masses but exclusivity for superiority.

For interest in marketing promotions and advertising campaigns with Top Atlanta Luxury email or call (404) 806-0548 for assistance.

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