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Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor Collaborates With Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers

Two local companies - Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers - team up to provide important benefits to the community.


The collaboration between Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers is inspired by the desire to preserve St. Louis businesses, but more importantly, to improve the lives of St. Louis families. Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers are local, family-operated members of the St. Louis community. Dobbs has been employing St. Louisans for more than 40 years. “By using Pinnacle for their mortgage needs, our clients directly impact the St. Louis economy by keeping their money in town,” said Chelsey Sullivan, Director of Business Development for Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor.

These leaders of the St. Louis business community understand that the most valuable assets of businesses are the employees who work there. When employees are distracted by financial challenges, health problems, and family matters, productivity at work can be adversely affected. Employee wellness is not simply about eating well and going to the gym. Wellness programs should address education about home life matters, as well as fitness matters.

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor provides local businesses and organizations with a voluntary real estate wellness program to add to their employee benefit packages. The wellness program educates employees on the fundamental principles of real estate through lunch and learns, webinars, podcasts, videos, newsletters and on-site consultations.

In an effort to take the lead in educating employees and supporting local businesses, Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers recognize their roles in the community; they each have employees who live, work, and play in the St. Louis area. Those employees have the opportunity to reinvest that income in other St. Louis businesses. “We are proud to work with Pinnacle on this project. When we can offer something of value to our employees and support the St. Louis community at the same time, we want to be involved” said, David Dobbs, CEO of Dobbs.

Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor and Dobbs are local leaders in the real estate and automotive industries, respectively. They each employ and serve many St. Louisans. They know the importance of St. Louisans paying for goods and services provided by St. Louis businesses. “We have a responsibility to motivate our community about the benefits of supporting local businesses, so that St. Louis will preserve its position as one of the best cities in America. We embrace this opportunity to collaborate with Dobbs Tire & Auto Centers and create what we hope will be a substantial community movement,” said Bill Lally, Vice President at Pinnacle Real Estate Advisor.

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