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Pic-Alive brings images to life.

The Pic-Alive apps offer new opportunities for anyone looking for innovations. Ideal for printers, photographers and advertising agencies. Without high costs, AR (Augmented Reality) can tell the story behind the image.


The Pic Alive app automatically recognizes the image and changes to a video.

This can be done with existing photos and videos, but also easily created with the Pic-Alive Video app. The user takes a video up to 30 seconds, then selects a video image as a photo or chooses a photo of existing photos on the smartphone or tablet. This picture can then be used for printing.

Each time a reader scans the photo with the Pic-Alive app, the video is visible at the place of the photo. For scanning only, the easy-to-use Pic-Alive Scan app is available.

The possibilities are unlimited: a birth card shows a video of the new baby, A business card shows a presentation of the company; the brochure the use of the article; waiting for the bus is shortened by scanning the advertising photo, and the home for sale can be viewed from within with the AR video.

In this digital age, which will only grow further, it is important to respond to the needs of modern humans.

The Pic Alive Scan app is available in both Apple Store and Google Play, the Pic Alive Video only in the Apple Store.

Companies can register on the website, where there are many examples.

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