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Discover a universe of Art and Imagination through writing and painting found within these pages.


Lisbon, Portugal – 28th June 2017 – A unique opportunity to enjoy a journey, which brings together great masters of Contemporary Art and their most relevant artwork, putting you in touch with what is now crucially taking place within several artistic movements. A book that pontificates the “noiseless revolutions” happening in recent times, within the post-modernist realm, like the Rosetta stone that will grant you the ability to discover, orientate and decode even what seems unintelligible.

Masters of Painting is now available for pre-ordering at a reduced price. If we were looking for yet another reason to add this essential artistic compendium to your personal collection, then a 15% discount will certainly be an additional motivation to make some room for it on your bookshelf. A price whose aim is also focused on making Masters of Painting capable of reaching a greater number of hands, hence spreading and democratizing the artistic productions with an audience that is as inclusive as possible.

It also debunks some idea of an artistic niche that may be confined to galleries and to the hermetic circle established by authors, creators and critics, who concatenate a dialogue that seldom have an opposing view. Opening this relationship amongst a wider audience is something essential and this book assumes this vision as one of its purposes.

The writing of Pedro Boaventura has a voice of its own. It is inhabited by figures of speech which re-enact mental images in the viewer, prompting imagination and critical thinking. He goes even deeper when his writing style establishes a parallel and perfect marriage with the styles and themes of the different artworks, that is something quite unexpected and marvellous.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have Masters of painting as your own.

For more information about Masters of Painting, please visit, or to purchase the book, visit the company’s store page.

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