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African-American Cyber Report Launches YouTube Channel

The African-American Cyber Report is expanding its reach by launching its own YouTube channel. In addition it has also established its presence on the Apple new platform.

Less Tech- More Knowledge

June 2, 2017

For Immediate Release

African-American Cyber Report Launches YouTube Channel and Apple News Platform in 2017

The African-American Cyber Report has expanded its distribution channels to YouTube and the Apple News platform. The AACR YouTube channel seeks to not only enhance the conversation about cyber security and safety for black people but offer interviews with prominent African-Americans in the tech sector as well as current news and information.

Tom Huskerson, chief editor of the AACR said, “I have chosen this niche because I see a need for this information. We have to continue to educate black people about technology, about online opportunities, about ways to save money and make money, and about cyber safety and security. Understanding what is happening in the technology world is vital for black people. We should know what is happening in Silicon Valley just like everybody else. But at the AACR our focus is on showing black people how it impacts them.”

“I want my readers to see and hear from other black people in the tech sector. This is vital because it’s not the ‘all white’ world many imagine. Black people are present from the board room to the sales floor and everywhere in between. We have a presence, not much, but we are present in the tech sector, said Huskerson.

Readers can also find the AACR on the Apple news platform. AACR content on Apple news will closely mimic the AACR website but will also contain some contributed content from other channels. “We have to get the word out,” said Huskerson. “We have to be visible in order to attract more eyes. We are small but we won’t be quiet.”

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