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Top Chinese publishing company, WanXin Media Group, to scout for PC games with E-Link. E-Link searching for new games to partner with.


VANCOUVER, BC – July 11, 2017 – WanXin Media Group Co. Ltd., a top publishing company in China, has partnered with E-Link Entertainment, a specialty Global Publisher with direct access to China, to scout for quality PC games to be released onto Cube Game, WanXin’s latest PC gaming platform.

WanXin’s success in China’s publishing industry has lead them to push their reach further into the ever-growing Chinese gaming market. Cube Game, WanXin’s latest PC gaming platform, aims to fill the void within China’s PC gaming market by releasing high quality games from overseas. With E-Link’s unique presence in the games industry, we are recognized as the best company for bridging the gap between WanXin and the global market.

E-Link Entertainment is a specialized mobile games and apps publisher with direct channel access in China. E-Link publishes games worldwide, with access to unique Publishing opportunities in varied regions. Any PC Game Publishers/Developers interested in a new avenue of PC game distribution to supplement their current distribution strategy, contact E-Link to unlock your possibilities in China.

About WanXin Media Group:
Established in 2008, WanXin became the first company in the publishing industry in China to be listed in A-share in 2010. With WanXin’s unique network of leading Chinese media channels and government licensing specialists, they are eager to help developers reach new heights in the Chinese market.

About E-Link Entertainment:
E-Link Entertainment publishes mobile content globally, while offering app publishers and developers direct access to China through their unique structure and connections. They have launched top titles including Heroes Blade and Dungeon Champions, with more on the way.

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