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Mass-Produced yet Truly Unique: Artist Launches Photo Series Featuring 300 Cardboard Eggs

Stefanie Herr unveils “Les chefs d'oeufre”, a series of 57 signed limited edition prints that questions the capitalist mode of production.


Barcelona, Spain - Against growth mania: For her project “Oeufre” Barcelona-based visual artist Stefanie Herr had taken on the role of a commercial laying hen and produced an egg almost every day in 2016. The results of this unique experiment are now available for purchase as strictly limited edition prints through the artist´s website

Industrial egg-laying hens produce a very high yield of around 300 eggs a year. In her latest work, artist Stefanie Herr addresses the commodification and exploitation of labour and unmasks the perverse excesses of a purely profit-oriented production that does not even spare artistic creation: “My practice is craft-based, so a single piece can easily take several weeks to complete. People often consider this a complete waste of time.” As to her “Oeufre”, Herr made an exception and engaged in repetitive, monotonous labour to achieve almost machine-like efficiency. Nonetheless, each of her hand-cut and assembled 300 white cardboard eggs, proves as individual and unique as a bird’s egg.

On completion of the 12-month production process, the artist photographed her cardboard creations in different egg boxes from all over the world, giving rise to a series of 57 colour photographs entitled “Les chefs d'oeufre”. The special thing about these newly-released photographs is that motifs vary both in price and edition size, depending on the origin and number of eggs depicted. Buyers are free to choose between organic, pastured, free range, cage-free or battery eggs. There are a total of 300 copies available.

What about the 300 original cardboard eggs? - By means of ten stackable light blue plastic egg trays, Herr turned them into a beautiful sculpture.

Download high-resolution images at

Stefanie Herr (b.1974, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) holds a degree in Architecture from Technische Universität Berlin. After working as an architect for several years, she decided to change career paths in 2007 and turned her attention to (photographic) relief sculpture, reclaiming craft as a key part of her creative practice. Herr currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.
Since 2009, her delicate handiwork has been featured in numerous group and solo exhibitions across Europe.

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