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FAM Introduces Consumer Financing for Merchants

FAM strives to deliver award winning quality service and introduces Consumer Financing to its merchants.


FAM, or First American Merchant, one of the nation's top small business loan providers, is announcing the ability for merchants to offer consumer financing to their clients. Clients need the ability to schedule payments from time to time, and depending on your industry, this ability is an absolute must.

While others frown at the possibility of offering consumer financing options, FAM welcomes the challenge. FAM knows that this can help grow your business – while keeping your clientele happy. The potential for trouble exists, no doubt, but with FAM's extensive experience in many high-risk industries, you can rest assured that your troubles will not become a big issue. Whether you want a 30 day payment program, a 90 day payment program, or extended financing, FAM's services can help you and your clients find the necessary solution for their financing needs.

FAM is offering this service to their existing customers, and they are welcoming new customers, as well. Whether you have bad credit, are operating in a risky industry, or are a new merchant, FAM offers you customized care and business solutions. This program also gives you the advantage over industry competitors who are not offering financing solutions to their clients.
FAM understands the need for consumer finance options in many high-risk industries, including Auto Repair Shops, Furniture Stores, Vet Clinics, Funeral Homes, Tire Shops and more. Whether you operate a car dealership, or even a furniture store, FAM has the payment solutions for your company. With over a decade of expertise, your business - and business funds – will be in the best hands possible.

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