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Relationship Book Revealing Exes Who Bring Chaos To Past Lovers, Releases Before the Fall

'Reasons...' Book Unveils the truth behind disgruntled lovers' unnerving actions that trigger complete chaos for Past Lovers.


Have you or a friend ever been in a relationship with a female who refuses to end the relationship peacefully? Do you know a woman who successfully wreaked havoc at the breakup?

'Reasons She's Excessive Over a Man' introduces you to the excessive, obsessive behavior of that ex-girlfriend or ex-wife who just refuses to get over what will never be! This self-help guide explains in great detail the REASONS behind her actions of holding on and provides solutions for the guilty women, their ex-men and all surrounding, who are experiencing the headaches the chaos brings about.

Mother of 3, and Grandmother of four, Dee 'Mz DeeVa' Shields has self-published 5 books since losing her husband, U.S. Army SGT Jonathan B. Shields during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Her memoir 'Great Sex is Not Love' launched in 2010 in the Fort Hood, Texas area. Shortly after Mz DeeVa released 'So Your Hearts' Been Broken', 'Remember This: Not Just Anyone Will Do', and 'REASONS He Dates Plus-Size'.

'Reasons She's Excessive Over a Man' was
Published via Create Space Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781519165107
Publication Date: July 3, 2016
Available at:

Contact Information -
Contact: Ms. D. Shields

Mail: 3609 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Suite 31, BOX 30
Colorado Springs, CO 80918


Contact Info
Dee 'mzDeeVa' Shields
3609 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Suite 31, BOX 30
Colorado Springs, CO 80918, USA

Phone: 7194003591