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EMB Offers Superb High Risk Credit Card Processing

EMB offers its high risk customers the opportunity to process credit card payments. This is an absolute must for all merchants! To learn more, contact EMB today!


EMB (, one of the United States' top high risk merchant account providers is offering its customers amazing high risk credit card processing options. While others turn down high risk merchants due to their increased chargebacks, EMB embraces these businesses.
Credit card processing is a necessity for 99% of businesses in the United States. When you lose the ability to process credit card payments, your business loses customers – and no one wants this. With EMB's high risk credit card processing abilities, your high risk business can keep its customers, and hopefully gain new ones.

Whether you have a car dealership, an online gambling websites, or have an adult-only website, EMB can offer your business optimal services and guidance. With over a decade of experience in the "high risk" processing world, EMB can keep your business booming.
If you need to process checks by phone or via the internet, EMB can help you with those services, as well. All of your processing and payment needs can be met with EMB's high risk merchant processing abilities. The application process is simple – you can do it in a few minutes on your smartphone, and you will learn in a few days if you have been accepted.
Whether you have a high risk company because of your credit – or because of the industry itself – you can rest assured with EMB that you will always have the opportunity to accept credit card payments. This keeps your business booming – and it keeps money in your pocket.

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