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Artezio Favors the Development of a Global E-Commerce Platform

Artezio supports the idea of creating a global hardware and software platform for e-commerce enterprises as commented by Anastasia Panshyna, Artezio Marketing Director, at a meeting with business community representatives.


In particular, she notes that development of e-commerce in Eastern European countries and the EU is taking place in isolation from creation of global systems that would be able to provide qualitative logistics and delivery of online purchases.

“The need to apply alternative technologies for goods delivery is being actively discussed today. There are suggestions to use drones and automated vehicles for these purposes. However, it all relates to the distant future that doesn’t allow to solve current global delivery problems,” says Anastasia Panshyna.

According to Artezio top manager, “It is necessary to focus on the creation of a service that will be able to take full charge of the delivery process based on customers’ demands. This service will mainly deal with logistical issues. It doesn`t make any difference which delivery model it will use, its core function is to enable online retailers to avoid a non-typical function of goods delivery and, what is more important, make the delivery process independent.”

Due to the lack of a scalable solution, trading companies have to operate their own logistics and delivery services. Each year investments made by online stores in delivery services range from several tens of thousands to more than 1 million dollars.

“A special service can offer clear and transparent organization of delivery processes so that a vendor can decide whether to choose a traditional model with a car fleet or an uber-like system that will select an appropriate delivery method depending on the size and specifics of delivered goods. Thus, a vendor will only need to specify where and how fast a purchase should be delivered, while the service will choose the best options for the delivery and then implement it,” explains Anastasia Panshyna.

The participants of the discussion highly appreciated the benefits of the suggested development solution and its introduction to the markets across the world. The representatives of large national trading operators believe that investments into building a global logistics platform mentioned by Artezio will definitely make economic sense.

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