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EMB Offers Top Rated Canadian Merchant Accounts

EMB offers Canadian merchant accounts to Canadian businesses – and those businesses who have a lot of Canadian customers. To learn more, contact EMB today!


EMB (, offers Canadian merchant accounts for our northern friends. Whether you are based in Canada, or are a US-based business with plenty of Canadian customers, EMB's Canadian merchant account is exactly what you need. With over a decade of experience in high risk merchant account processing, EMB understands the needs and wants of merchants tagged with the "high risk" label.

When a US-based business ends up with a lot of foreign transactions, a merchant account provider or bank may think that something fishy is going on. EMB knows that in our digital world, there usually isn't anything fishy about a foreign transaction. However, the lack of knowledge of some in the industry leave merchants with high processing fees, or a dropped merchant account – neither of which are good for your business. By choosing EMB to house your merchant account, you can let go of these fears.

EMB's team of professionals have spent over a decade helping "hard to approve" customers get merchant accounts for their businesses. Whether you have a traditional business that has customers overseas, or you operate a "high risk"-industry business, EMB is here to help. The application process is simple and quick, and sine EMB is located in Los Angeles, California, there isn't any issues having to deal with time zone issues when you wish to call or contact.

EMB's Canadian merchant account services can help those based in Canada, and those who are US-based and doing business in Canada. When you are ready to switch your merchant account, or are just opening your business, contact EMB to learn of their fantastic options for your business.

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