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2017-07-27 Print Exposes Mortgage Secrets To Free and Clear Title

Numerous homeowners are voiding their security instruments by Enforceable Order through nonjudicial remedy.


(Atlanta, Georgia) -- TILA, The Truth and Lending Act of 1968 allows homeowners to rescind and cancel their mortgage loans for fraudulent disclosures. today announced how-to rescind and cancel a mortgage loan to free and clear title. After doing so the rescission becomes an Enforceable Order by optional law.

Fraudulent disclosures can reset the three year statute of limitations when fraud is involved. TILA under section 1640(e) permits the doctrine of equitable tolling. Which is defined as a principle of law stating that a statute of limitations shall not bar a claim in cases where the plaintiff, despite use of due diligence, could not or did not discover the injury until after the expiration of the limitations period.

A powerful QWR "Qualified Written Request" provides a strong discovery point for who is the current mortgage lender. Once discover of TILA Violations for fraud is found, a borrower may elect to rescind and cancel their mortgage loan for fraudulent disclosures even after three years.

Upon receipt of a proper rescind and cancellation notice, the mortgage lender under TILA has only 20 days to void the security instrument and return to the borrower all payments made including interest.

The impact of the rescission is enforceable as an Order without needing to file a lawsuit. If the mortgage lender wants to contest the borrower's rescind and cancellation, a declarative judgment lawsuit will need to filed within 20 days. However, TILA requires the mortgage lender must void the security instrument and return all payments to the borrower prior to filing the lawsuit.

After 20 days the lender goes into default for noncompliance of TILA Violations. Once rescission is in effect, a borrower may then seek to free and clear title. As the security instrument is void and enforceable security interest is also void. Which can used to challenge and stop foreclosures as well.

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