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GameSeek launch new generation of online marketplace

The most successful launch in Mirakl marketplace history!


LONDON, UK – July 31, 2017 - Following the announcement of their Toyseek toy marketplace earlier this month, GameSeek are today launching the next step in their plan to revolutionise the UK’s online marketplace experience.

The GameSeek marketplace is designed to be the simplest, most convenient and fair place for buyers AND sellers.

GameSeek CEO, Stephen Staley explains:

"It seems most retailers on planet earth are asleep. We are awake. With our marketplace and future websites, we will change the world. How much of a seismic shift it's hard to tell but it will be us that starts it. We are developing ideas that has never been done before in online retail some of which will go live imminently; some further down the line. We have a 50 year plan. Our ideas are so good it will be impossible for larger companies to clone them unless they restart and set up smaller companies. We are going to disrupt every sector we enter with innovation."

An online marketplace exists primarily to buy and sell products – but it has grown to be so much more than that. GameSeek have been trading since 2000 and in that time, the online process of buying and selling has dramatically changed. Buyers now expect a much more streamlined process with built in ways to compare products and prices across multiple platforms. Sellers expect to be able to easily import their stock and present it to a massive customer base with immediate results. Unfortunately, it has become apparent to many that simply being a seller on the most popular online marketplaces does not automatically guarantee success.

Many ‘under the hood’ practices that favour certain sellers make it extremely difficult to achieve even small victories - like taking pride of place in the prime seller ‘buy box’. GameSeek are aiming to change this.

“As well as changing the buying experience for consumers, our aim for sellers was to create a totally transparent marketplace. Parity and fairness were one of our priorities from the very beginning and will always remain extremely important to us. Everyone will benefit from the exact same low commission structure on our marketplace, so there’s no worry about certain sellers having unfair advantages over others. We have been trading for almost 20 years as a successful retailer in the UK. As such, we’ve tried most online marketplaces out there; we’ve experienced these types of frustrations first hand. We know what makes a good selling process and want to use that experience to make something better for other buyers and sellers. The better experience that we can provide; the more sellers and traders will want to use it - the end result is a more convenient and competitive marketplace that buyers will want to come back to over and over again. It seems that many marketplaces have forgotten these values. We have big plans and have a vision for the next generation of marketplace, and the good news is that sellers can get started straight away, right here, right now at GameSeek. There are ZERO setup fees, ZERO monthly fees and ZERO insertion fees for all sellers if you join quick!”

Sellers already familiar with the Mirakl platform will be right at home on the GameSeek marketplace and can get started immediately. New and smaller retailers are of course also invited to join; the Mirakl software system is easy to use and allows upload of products either manually or via automation. Individuals wishing to sell on the GameSeek marketplace are also invited – you don’t have to be a retailer to sell. Just list your items absolutely free and only pay a small commission when your items sell.

For more information and to sign up to the GameSeek marketplace:

About GameSeek

Founded in 2000, based in Cheshire, UK; GameSeek is the largest fully independent retailer in their field, selling a variety of products including Video Games, Computers, Electronics and Toys. With Millions of customers and years of experience dealing world-wide in different sectors; they have brought together all of their knowledge to build a marketplace platform that will be unique in its operation.

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