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Petcoke production rises in Asian markets, while Brazil shows a downward trend

While Asian markets have increased production, political instability and lower cement production in Brazil has propelled a reduction in demand and production.


According to CW Research’s “Petcoke Market Data”, importers have recorded mixed trends in May 2017, production-wise. While Asian markets have increased production, political instability and lower cement production in Brazil has propelled a reduction in demand and production.

In India, year-to-date production has recorded a five percent increase of petcoke market volumes until May 2017, when compared to the same period in the previous year. May was also the first month of 2017 when domestic production of petcoke has topped one million tons.

As observed by Filipe Gouveia, analyst at CW Group: “In May, petcoke production in India didn’t shown signs of slowing down despite the National Green Tribunal’s discussions on a petcoke ban. Consumers of the byproduct in the country have increased stocks of the material in preparation for the monsoon season.”

In China, petcoke production has risen eight percent on a yearly basis. Liaoning and Guangdong were the regions that drove regional output expansion, recording a 63 percent and a nineteen percent increase year-on-year (YoY), respectively. Petcoke production in Shangdong, China’s largest producing regional market, has risen to 6.2 million tons in May, up seven percent on a monthly basis.

Brazilian petcoke output declines
Unlike in the Asian markets, Brazil has registered a downward trend in petcoke production in 2017. Output of petroleum coke has fallen ten percent on a yearly basis in May. A year-on-year decrease of petcoke production was recorded in all regions, with the exception of São Paulo, where it rose two percent on a yearly basis to 0.5 million tons in May.

When it comes to petcoke exports, Spanish producers benefited from a domestic surge in cement production in 2017. Production of petcoke in Spain has been expanding year-on-year for the third month in a row. In May, petcoke output expanded 38 percent on a yearly basis. From January until May, Spanish petcoke production has surpassed 1.5 million tons.

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