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The Top Five Ways To Avoid Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are a major problem for motorists around the world. Ticket revenue goes directly from motorist into the cities purses as revenue, and they not going away.

Brooklyn, NY, August 09, 2017 --( Traffic tickets are a major problem for motorists around the world. Ticket revenue goes directly from motorist into the cities purses as revenue, and they not going away. Traffic tickets are a major source of revenue for cities especially large ones like New York City, and cities are finding new ways to increase revenue from traffic tickets like car boots, and red light cameras. Some cities will charge you a court appearance fee along with the cost of a traffic ticket even if you're found not guilty. The top five ways motorists can avoid getting traffic tickets are easier said than done.

Many motorists get lulled into thinking that the police are friendly neighborhood cops fighting bad guys. We are here to burst your bubble by letting you know that according to a report by ( cops are pressured by police departments into issuing an avalanche of traffic tickets to motorists; A practice commonly known as ticket quotas.

In New York City, according to Al Baker, and Ray Rivera of the New York Times ( ) and Ben Muessig of ( ) the quota number is said to be as high as twenty tickets per day.

Here are the top five ways to avoid traffic tickets.

5. See them before they see you.

The simplest way to avoid getting a ticket is to avoid the police all together.
Always look ahead, use your rear view, and side mirrors to locate oncoming police vehicles, walking policemen, or meter maids. You can see cops a couple blocks away and avoid them using this strategy. They can't ticket what they can't see.

4. Get a double parking partner

If you have to double park, or park on a hydrant, get a parking buddy to sit in the drivers seat ready to move when they see a cop, or meter maid approaching. Some cops will still give you a ticket if your passenger is in the drivers seat, so just have them circle the block to avoid getting a ticket.

3. Do not drive in front of a stationary police car on "Ticket Day"

When is ticket day? Ticket day is the last day for cops to fill their quotas.
How will you know what day is ticket day?
Ticket day is when you'll see heavy police presence in a relatively small area maybe ten cop cars in a eight to ten block radius. Ticket day is the day everyone gets a ticket. Guilty or not.
All Stop signs are popular targets of cops on ticket days. Stop signs that you can't see around the corners should be avoided at all costs. I don't care if it's across the street from where you need to go ... find another route where you're not driving in front of that police vehicle.

2. Get a dash camera

Dash cameras are becoming very popular and provide video and audio evidence of any infractions with the cops if you recorded the event. In court the cops are the extension of the law and their words carry the weight of a law officer even if he's lying. At some point dash cams will become useless in court without an attorney (another officer of the law) to fight for you to get you out of wrongfully issued tickets. Just think about all those famous cases caught on camera and the cops still get off. Sooner or later that's what will happen in court with dash cams.

1. Use to assist you in locating oncoming cops and meter maids.

When you use you will soon have the assistance of millions of motorists eyes helping you to locate oncoming police vehicles, meter maids, speed traps, mobile speed traps, cops hiding behind the under pass, or entrance ramp, cops hiding around the corner of stop signs, school zones, bus lanes, police stops, ticket days, EZ Pass lane tickets, double parking zones, tow zones, heavy ticket areas, city hot spots, Smokey And The Bandit cops hiding behind billboards, and many more favorite police hiding spots will be revealed to you real time in each city around the country and the world. Remember someone just got pulled over, and someone just got a ticket. Don't get pulled over by that same cop who will be at that spot all day issuing tickets to other drivers. Using Popoalert will help you avoid that hot spot.

Lets start using technology, and social media to help drivers share experiences to avoid traffic tickets.

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