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Tri State Sports Travels to California for Networking Event and Boat Cruise

Tri State Sports’ CEO and newly promoted Manager attended an exclusive Networking Event and Boat Cruise in Newport Beach, CA.


RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – After attending a trip to Newport Beach, CA to meet and network with the top performers in the country, Tri State Sports CEO and newly promoted Manager outlined their experiences, highlights, and new goals since returning.

This was the first event Paul B. has attended since his recent promotion into management. He discussed his impressions of the event in Newport Beach, CA and the Boat Cruise that accompanied it.

“There’s always value in expanding your horizons and witnessing some key players speak about how they have made an impact in this industry,” Paul B. said. “A prominent message throughout all of the speeches was the emphasis on good personal habits in order to keep developing outside of the office.”

Paul B. elaborated on how the keynote speakers at the networking event stressed the importance of performing at optimal levels not only while at work, but during personal time as well. This included habits such as: waking up early, exercising, reading more often, and maintaining strong personal relationships.

“Another huge benefit of attending the meeting was hearing those who have been a part of this industry for so long and achieved such a high level of success assert that you should never get complacent,” Paul B. said. “Regardless of the amount of success you have now, you can always get better.”

Paul B. mentioned one of the highlights from the trip was the opportunity to speak with the founder of the company one on one. His time spent with the team and the CEO, Paul M. on the Boat Cruise while exploring California for the first time is something he’ll never forget.

Paul M., the CEO also weighed in on his experience during their weekend in Newport Beach, CA.

“I love giving my team the opportunity to surround themselves with successful people whom they can emulate,” Paul M. said. “This weekend stressed the necessity of sticking to a routine and reaffirmed the notion that anyone with the right work ethic can achieve success.”

After attending the event, Paul M. expressed his new goal is to have 60-100 employees with the four managing partners in one building. Similarly to Paul B., Paul M. returned with some new personal goals as well.

“I noticed all of the keynote speakers were in great shape,” Paul M. laughed. “All jokes aside, it demonstrated the connection between the commitment to improving personal habits and professional success.”

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