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Clara Berta and Florence Saint-Cricq to highlight links between art and wellness

Downtown Los Angeles artist Clara Berta and Beverly Hills therapist Florence Saint-Cricq will present methods for using art in your work and living spaces to improve your wellness.


It's no secret that the art around you can inspire emotion, brighten your mood, and boost your well-being.

At Art for Life: Neuroscience and Art on Sept. 15, artist Clara Berta neuroscientist Florence Saint-Cricq will show you how to improve your life with the art in your living and work spaces. The free event will take place at BertaArt Studio Gallery, 120 East 8th Street #202, in downtown Los Angeles.

"Once we understand how the unconscious mind works, we can choose the right colors, shapes, and objects around us that will help us with our daily lives," Saint-Cricq said.

Florence Saint-Cricq is a neuro performance strategist who specializes in using neuroscience-based exercises to help her clients flourish and prosper in their work and in their lives. Saint-Cricq will talk about the emotional impact of colors and shapes on the psyche.

"When you just want to enjoy a room, it's nice to sit around and have something beautiful on the wall," said Sanford Astor, an intellectual property lawyer in Los Angeles. He displays several of Berta's works on the walls of his office.

The event, and Saint-Cricq's presentation will be interactive. Those who show up can participate just by wearing red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, indigo, or purple.

Catering for Art for Life will be provided from Wild Living Foods and Greenbar Distillery.

Clara Berta is a Los Angeles-based, International Award-Winning Abstract Artist living and working in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Her dynamic, highly textural abstract paintings are exhibited across the United States and collected worldwide.

“My approach to art is bold, deconstructed, sensual, and passionate. My technique of adding and removing texture and paint with a large palete knife allows me to create movement until I discover the painting I was meant to create,” Berta said.

Berta teaches art at her downtown L.A. studio, and donates a portion of the proceeds from her art to B1G1, a worldwide network of charitable activity.

Berta's artwork is abstract, highly expressive, and uses visual elements of color, space, and texture to evoke and pull feelings out of the viewer, according to Astor.

"When you make art, the energy transfers to other parts of your life; your business, your friendships, and your intimacy," Berta said.

Saint-Cricq runs Your Life, Inc., where she practices Neuro-linguistic Programming and Ericksonian hypnotherapy. She holds two diplomas in Sophrology (the use of mental and physical exercises to increase calm and focus in the mind) with one specializing in professional athletes.

The idea of using art to improve mood and help heal, especially in patients dealing with trauma and PTSD, is something Saint-Cricq has used extensively in her therapy. In fact, she displays artwork by Clara Berta in her office, which is in Beverly Hills.

Event Details
Date/Time: Friday, Sept. 15 at 7 p.m.
Location: BertaArt Studio Gallery 120 East 8th Street #202, Los Angeles 90014
Parking: Next door to pink building on the corner of 8th and Los Angeles
Drinks and food provided. Guest Speakers start at 7:45 p.m. sharp.

Register for the event at

For more information, contact Clara Berta at 818-692-0465 or

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