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Corinium’s Survey Of 1,200 CAOs Reveals The Current State Of Data Analytics

Corinium Global Intelligence is delighted to announce the arrival of their CAO Forum Review - their most in-depth study to date into the state of the analytics industry.


September 7
Press release

As technology continues to advance, today’s organizations cannot afford to ignore the implications on their respective data analytics roadmap. With emerging technologies reaching maturity and Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Process Automation entering the mainstream, the most successful organisation’s will be those who align their business architecture, IT and respective analytics strategies for one common purpose. However, questions still exist around what constitutes the beginnings of a data analytics strategy with many organisation’s still grappling with assessing their own maturity in this domain.

On this backdrop, Corinium Global Intelligence is delighted to announce the arrival of their CAO Forum Review - their most in-depth study to date into the state of the analytics industry. Over the past 18 months, they have surveyed over 1,200 Chief Data & Analytics Officers and senior data analytics experts and innovators across their CDAO Forum events series, taking place in New York, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Boston, Miami, Toronto, London and Mexico City.

Financial Services – most advanced in data analytics maturity

The report seeks to discover the answer to a number of important questions around how organisation’s perceive their data analytics maturity level? Where does analytics sit within their organization and how does this impact maturity? What is the primary objective of an analytics departments? What are the biggest barriers to implementation that they face? And what tools and software are they assessing and plan to invest in over the next 12-24 months? The report also examines the maturity of industries, with Financial Services coming out as one of the most advanced sectors, followed by Insurance and finally Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals.

Eric Poon, Chief Health Information Officer at Duke University Health System provided his thoughts on the maturity of data analytics in Healthcare by stating that, “Healthcare is at least 5 years, if not 10, behind other sectors”. Eugene Wen, Vice President of Group Advanced Analytics at Manulife also provided his assessment by stating, “The Insurance Industry versus other sectors such as retail, online or even the banking industry, is less developed” . You can download the forum review here.

To continue the discussion and help advance data & analytics within businesses, Corinium will also be welcoming the largest most senior gathering of analytics leaders in North America at their sell out Chief Analytics Officer, Fall event taking place at the Boston Park Plaza from October 2-5th, 2018. The conference will see over 300 attendees and 125+ senior speakers from some of the world’s leading organizations including Twentieth Century Fox, U.S. Bank and B.P.

For more information and booking your ticket, visit the website:

You can also download the brochure here.

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