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UREH Launches We Buy Blight Properties Campaign For Metro Atlanta

Leading real estate solutions company hopes to solve Atlanta's blight problem by purchasing dilapidated, unsafe and problem properties.


(Atlanta, GA) - Vacant homes in Metro Atlanta, GA now costing the city between $1.6 million to $2.9 million yearly in direct related services. Ultisky Real Estate Holdings, LLC better known as UREH today announced We Buy Blight Properties campaign aimed to solve Atlanta's unsafe housing problems. The purpose of this campaign is to connect with owners of blight or potentially blight properties in the area. Offering an alternative solution to sell a problem property over facing fines and penalties.

A blight property is defined as a legal term for land that is in dilapidated, unsafe and unsightly condition. In the U.S. every state has an individual criteria for classifying a blight property.

Generally, most blight properties meet the following common criteria classification:

The property is uninhabitable.

The property is unsafe.

The property has been abandoned for a specified time period (usually at least 1 year).

The property presents an imminent danger to other people or property.

Direct related services to deal with blight properties for the City of Atlanta include police and fire dispatch costs, code enforcement and the Department of Corrections’ Clean and Close Project (which sends inmates of the city jail to clean vacant properties), and board doors and windows which can significantly decrease neighborhood crime.

However, other cities have discovered just removing blighted houses will not increase property values or neighborhood safety. Poorly maintained vacant lots present challenges of their own, often becoming sites for illegal dumping.

UREH is metro Atlanta, Georgia's area leading real estate solutions company. The business successfully works with homeowners, buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and real estate investors, buying and selling all types of residential real estate.

According to Kyle Ransom, UREH's founder stresses that the City of Atlanta must solve their blight problem to supply more affordable housing.

The company is on a mission to create thriving communities in unwanted blight areas. No real estate problem or situation is too big or small for UREH to solve. The firm has the ability monthly to purchase up to $10 million in real estate transactions or more.

Owners of blight properties in the Metro Atlanta area are urged for immediate assistance to contact UREH at (470) 362-7887 or

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Paul Anderson/ UREH
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Phone: (470) 362-7887