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CVO Platform Release 1.7 Enables People and Asset Tracking with Less Hardware

October 9, 2017 - Leantegra Inc., an IoT company developing software and hardware products for indoor location intelligence, announced the release of CVO Platform 1.7.


Zone Tracking: people and asset tracking with less hardware

Zone Tracking is a newly introduced feature that allows for detection of a BLE location tag attached to either a person or an asset within a certain area in real time using only one WiRange wireless gateway.

The only difference between Zone Tracking and the BLE Real-time Location System (RTLS) lies in the accuracy with which both systems identify a tracked person or object. BLE RTLS does it by providing x,y coordinates and requires at least three WiRange devices, where Zone Tracking needs one.

Any large facility may get full coverage with either of these solutions, or even a mix of them, depending on the tasks and specific goals they want to achieve.

Track App: easy interaction with trackables via a mobile app

The Leantegra Track app makes it easy to search for any tracked person or object within a venue via a mobile app interface. It also provides an overview of all trackables, including their name, status and accurate position on the map.

Additionally, the app also offers a special 'Blink' button which activates a beacon's LED flash in order to help the user locate the trackable's real-time position on-site.

Available on the App Store and Google Play.

Multi-location RTLS and Analytics: enabling multi-floor and multi-venue scenarios

This feature was specifically created for large businesses with distributed locations, which allows the addition of several floors or physical venues to one CVO Portal instance. Therefore, one Retail chain can have all their stores with Proximity Marketing and Real-time Location System installations displayed in one portal.

Most importantly, this capability brings transparency, providing all assigned users with the opportunity to view the accumulated location data in a single web interface at any moment in time.

In addition to enabling simultaneous collection, processing and storage of several information flows that are coming from separate servers, the Leantegra Platform affirms its high scalability and the ability to accommodate constantly growing infrastructure needs.

Updates for Mobile SDK and Apps: Sandbox, Pilot, Track

From now on the enhanced Leantegra Mobile SDK enables:

Trackables functionality in a third-party app.
Over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades of WiBeat BLE beacons using the Leantegra Sandbox application.
Adding changes to the venue map via CVO Portal, and seeing them automatically applied in the mobile application.

Other Improvements: BLE Real-time Location System

As part of this release, the Leantegra team introduced a number of Real-time Location System improvements, which resulted in enhanced positioning accuracy detected along a tracking zone's.

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