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EMB Services Boost Profits For High-Risk Merchants (EMB) is a high-risk merchant account provider that increases profitability for online and offshore businesses by offering efficient, cost-effective payment processing solutions.


EMB specializes in secure high risk payment processing solutions for high-risk businesses worldwide that have trouble getting approved by traditional banks. Banks often fail to work with businesses that operate internationally, have a high-volume of sales transactions, bad credit, and/or a history of excessive rates of chargebacks and high chargeback ratios. Merchants are hit with higher chargeback rates and fees to compensate their risks, which puts major dents in their profit margins.

With the chargeback prevention and protection programs offered by EMB, merchants can fight and beat credit card transaction fraud and successfully minimize chargebacks. Since partnering with the global-collaboration-based technology services company, Ethoca, and the award-winning end-to-end provider of payment protection and management solutions, Verifi, EMB customers are alerted to chargebacks sooner.

EMB recognizes the challenges that come with accepting online payments and credit card transactions in currencies from around the world. The company addresses every merchant’s needs and business model with a customized solution. Personalized solutions are available for businesses of all industries, credit ratings, and tenures. The experienced team of processors at EMB offers reliable, quick, and secure payment processing options for a host of high-risk merchants, including telemarketing, travel, nutraceuticals, and credit repair businesses.

In addition to assisting high-risk businesses, EMB provides helps general ecommerce companies increase their bottom lines by offering versatile payment solutions and lower card processing account rate structures through merchant account services. The firm is devoted to exceeding customers’ expectations by offering merchant account approvals within 24 and 48 hours.

Other services include chargeback, check processing, business funding, and payment gateway solutions. Unlike other high-risk payment solution companies, our rates are very competitive.

EMB succeeds because its strategy is simple. Making the business 100% about clients results in everyone winning.

Los Angeles-based (EMB) has offered payment processing services for a variety of merchants since 2011. The firm and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
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