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Whitelabel ITSolutions Becomes Bitcoin Mining Data Center Provider

Whitelabel ITSolutions, a custom colocation solutions provider, announces the colocation hosting of cryptocurrency with mining machines.


Companies often end up with more data center space than they need, sometimes following a change in strategy, sometimes after an IT refresh, and sometimes for other reasons. Whitelabel ITSolutions has found a creative way to deal with excess capacity at its Hackensack, New Jersey, data center.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency introduced in 2009 which enables payments over the internet without the involvement of banks and credit card issuers. Unlike the US dollar, Euro or Yen, no nation is backing Bitcoin. Creating or 'mining' the cryptocurrency requires servers to run all-out 24/7, demanding considerable power and often coming at a high cost.

Hosting bitcoin mining rigs is a growing niche market for data center providers. Typical colocation companies, however, cannot offer the kind of deals bitcoin miners are looking for. They usually need high power densities and short-term contracts, and most of them are not willing to pay premium for reliability, which is a big part of a data center provider's margin.

By leasing space at Whitelabel ITSolutions Data Center, it can help miners avoid high-cost power and redundant connectivity, cooling and backup emergency power. Whitelabel ITSolutions has a team of experts in the fields of software and network engineering, thus being able to offer a full-spectrum of services related to small and large-scale cryptocurrency mining.

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