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RealEstateU Expands Course Offerings

RealEstateU has made the licensure process easier by expanding their online course offerings.


There are many people out there who are seeking out the tools that they need in order to get into the world of real estate. And, with that, comes the assumption that these people have to go to night classes and take time away from their families and other responsibilities that they may have. RealEstateU has made the licensure process easier by expanding their online course offerings.

The company currently has online real estate licensing courses for Texas, New York, and California, but they are also working to expand their course offerings so that students will be prepared to take the necessary state exams in other states. They have recently added Pennsylvania to their online offerings, and there are several other states that they are seeking to develop classes for in the future.

This expansion coincides with company’s goal of providing online courses for real estate licensing to as many potential students as they can. By offering ways in which people can start working toward their licensure online, it can make it easier for people to change careers, expand the real estate sales that they can do and to move from state to state without the need to suspend a career. The company also provides online career development courses for real estate professionals and is also looking to add more classes so that current and future students can be even more prepared for what they may face as a part of their real estate careers.

For more information about RealEstateU, their class offerings, or how accessible it could be for a potential student’s needs, take a look at their website, which is found at The contact page on the site has all of the necessary information so that press, students, and other professionals can get in touch easily.

RealEstateU is a leader in the world of online real estate classes so that people can work their way toward getting their real estate licensing credentials in several states. The site was founded in 2013 with a focus on helping with accessibility in this regard. They believe that online education is vital for those in the real estate industry so that they can continue working in their current market, while also working toward expansion into other markets. This website allows real estate entrepreneurs of all ages to get licenses in a number of states, including California, Texas, Pennsylvania and New York.

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