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St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center Appoints Analysis and Evaluation Manager

St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center Appoints Analysis and Evaluation Manager


Detroit-based St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center (SVSF Center) has hired Ferndale resident Erin Casey to serve as Evaluation and Analysis Manager.

Casey will serve the organization by overseeing a thorough analysis and coordination endeavor on SVSF’s GED and workforce development databases. Her research and evaluation will not only be used by SVSF to better understand the problems faced by individuals and communities, but also as a means of engaging and helping communities find their voice. In addition, she will conduct focus groups with students, parents and volunteers with the eventual goal of researching the narrative of the families who utilized the SVSF adult program.

Casey has a master’s degree in public administration and a bachelor’s degree in public affairs, both from Wayne State University. Her recent accomplishments include design and management of the Detroit Spirit Plaza multi-modal data collection pre- and post-test and analysis, including activity mapping, pedestrian counts and intercept survey for the City of Detroit.

Her passion for crafting effective, efficient and equitable data-driven solutions will serve the SVSF Center team to further the mission of the nonprofit organization serving the educational needs of Detroiters. SVSF Executive Director and CEO Diane Renaud said, “It is of the utmost importance to not just collect data about the community members that we serve, but to also take the time to thoroughly review the information, then add the ability to truly listen to what our students have to tell us about their needs. By including all three areas, SVSF’s goal is to create an open dialogue between the Center and the community in an effort to have more insight, and therefore be better able to meet their needs. We are confident that Erin is going to truly be a transformative change agent for the Center and will help us to all move forward.”

About St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center
St. Vincent and Sarah Fisher Center began in 1844 as St. Vincent’s Academy in Detroit, a kindergarten for orphaned children. The organization evolved through the years and moved to Farmington Hills, establishing an adoption/foster care residence for children. In 2006, when policies and the economy changed, the Center closed its residential doors, but wanted to continue to fulfill its mission of serving at-risk children and adults. Identifying the significant need, the Center returned to Detroit and its roots of education and now provides free, personalized educational support for children and adults. These programs are designed to help build self-sufficiency skills for academic and employment success, personal achievement and dignity. Visit to learn more.

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