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Association for Long Term Care Planning Launches Long Term Care Awareness Month Quiz

This quiz was created in line with long term care awareness month, to show our on-going commitment to raising long term care awareness and promoting self-education on the importance of long term care planning.


FORT MYERS, FL (November 4, 2017) – As part of our campaign this November’s Long Term Care Awareness Month, the Association for Long Term Car Planning launches a quiz, Quiz: Getting Ready for Long Term Care Awareness Month. It aims to help Americans prepare for their possible long term care needs early by providing the facts, data and other information that will come in handy as they start planning for long term care.

The quiz comprises of ten basic questions about long term care and long term care insurance. The correct answer with brief explanation is provided after a respondent answers a question, a sure way to relay important long term care and long term care insurance information.

Answering this quiz can help erase the misconception every American has in long term care, that it only applies to seniors. The truth is, the need for long term care can strike overnight. Without proper knowledge and comprehensive plan in place, things can go awry very quickly.

“We want to instill the necessity of long term care planning among every American, therefore, rebirthing a new generation that is self-aware and well-protected,” states Sukhjit Bassi, Association for Long Term Care Planning ( founder and LTC Global COO. “With this quiz, along with various long term care planning tools and resources, we show our commitment to helping Americans secure a stable future through education and coverage.

About Association for Long Term Care Planning

The Association for Long Term Care Planning ( is dedicated to spreading awareness about the importance of having a well-constructed long term care plan. Driven to promote self-education on the necessity of long term care planning, strives to provide clients a one-stop information hub that eases the planning process.

To learn more about long term care planning visit the organization’s website at To inquire about long term care insurance, you can request for long term care insurance quotes online by visiting the website.


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