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Vision-Box showcases Seamless Airport 4.0 in Singapore

Vision-Box is unleashing a new vision for airports, where the passenger journey is massively automated through contactless biometric identification processes, and airport management characterized by multi-source data streams orchestration and multi-stakeholders collaborative decisions made at the distance of a click.


Singapore, November 6th, 2017 – As urban airports near passenger capacity limits, new technology seems to be the most efficient and cost-effective way to accommodate the needs of the multiple stakeholders involved. Biometric identification, passenger flow real-time orchestration and in-depth data analytics technology are meeting these needs in bringing the airport of the future into the present.

The Seamless Airport 4.0 takes advantage of diverse technological advancements and joins them to improve the overall passenger experience through a collaborative management capability of the airport through automation, biometrics, personalized self-service, real-time data analysis, and smart connectivity. To showcase the state-of-the-art fully connected hub, Vision-Box™ will host a demonstration of Seamless Airport 4.0 ecosystem at Future Travel Experience Asia 2017, taking place this week in Singapore.

Designed to offer travelers an entirely harmonious passenger experience, Seamless Airport 4.0 introduces a traveler-centric ecosystem into the airport environment. It is sustained by a comprehensive set of technological assets, focused on automated self-service processes using single token biometric identification for a quick, secure, and simple clearance process across the airport. The centerpieces of the common-use service platform are a combination of physical and digital smart assets communicating through secured networks that connect passengers and airport stakeholders together, in real time, allowing for enhanced cooperation along the entire journey. This next-generation framework creates the conditions for inter-airports’ identity management of transiting travelers, enabling the future of a single interoperable digital identity, at the service of a globally harmonized and consistent friction-less experience.

Vision-Box envisioned and developed a new portfolio of innovative IoT passenger interaction points that maximize the benefits of the Seamless Airport 4.0 foundations. Those smart assets are all biometric-enabled, fast-processing, on-the-go self-service, with a minimum-sized modular design for maximum flexibility and ease of operations. Full connectivity is offered through the award winning common-use orchestration platform, vb Orchestra™. The new palette of passenger-centric devices offers exceptional human factors with leading-edge personalized engagement through in-house developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Machine Learning engines.

To complete the Seamless Passenger Experience, Vision-Box is presenting its Mobile ID technology, one of its most recent advancements towards a complete contactless passenger flow. Using last generation encryption and digitally signed data structures, Mobile ID securely stores biographic and biometric data in smart mobile devices. This technology offers ideal interoperability and global compatibility anywhere, for a secure and smooth biometric identification as well as biographic authentication, replacing physical documents and empowering a much faster and seamless experience.

Advancing to Seamless Airport 4.0, passengers can take advantage of a low-effort self-processing operation and a simple on-the-move glance to a camera when passing through checkpoints. Tech-Savvy travelers can use their cell phone and transact through facial scan to book a service, make purchases, be instantly alerted about their travel plans, and receive information of interest as related to their location at the airport with special offers and discounts at airport retailers and restaurants.

Interconnectivity between passengers, stakeholders, through smart digital devices, and data interoperable networks is key to the 4.0 revolution in airports. By using the Orchestra™ Common-Use Services Platform, all IoT-enabled and Mobile-ID-ready devices are natively interconnected and turn the transactional data chaos into organized and actionable information for better informed and timely decisions on all airport passenger activity, sustained by stringent and compliant Privacy-by-Design rules.

“Within the next five years, Seamless Airport 4.0 will turn airports into a place to move through, rather than a place to line up in. The digitalization of the airport experience and the integration of intelligent data into the airport management business model is a reality. It means a fully-connected, multi-stakeholder presence addressing operational, safety, passenger flow and management needs, as well as advanced passenger engagement, in real time. Data orchestration offers a true business platform for collaborative decision-making towards a more passenger-friendly airport that increases capacity without infrastructure growth, and increases revenue through enhanced data analysis”, says Miguel Leitmann, Vision-Box CEO.

vb dashbox™, a new business performance-driven, digital airport analytics tool, also plays an important role as a central hub of intelligent data management. With data gathered from orchestra™ connected devices and digital assets, vb dashbox™ enables the real-time, post-event and predictive analysis of multi-source raw data, made available through insightful and powerful visualization of operational performance. The data analytics module provides a better informational model to all stakeholders that allows them to manage and tackle business challenges more effectively and improve the decision-making process.

Miguel added: “the Seamless Airport 4.0 is a dynamic and collaboratively orchestrated digital hub of value-based relationships that leverage information and technology to understand the modern hyper-consumer, boost the passenger experience and airport commercial revenue, while enhancing capacity, efficiency and security. This revolution will have an enormous impact in airports and in society in general, so we are very excited to demonstrate its formidable possibilities at Future Travel Experience”.

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