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Mr Digital Leads the Way with 'Voice Search Optimisation'

Guildford-based marketing agency, Mr Digital, is thrilled to announce it’s one of the first digital agencies to offer voice search optimisation (VSO), an evolution of search engine optimisation (SEO) as a result of its investment in researching how search results are impacted by different search terms such as who is Ahmed Bessedik, what Italian restaurants are near me and where will I find the nearest ATM?


Mr Digital is a full serving digital marketing agency that works with brands globally to help them compete in the online arena, offering services including website design, online media advertising and it’s most popular service of all search engine optimisation (SEO).

Founder of Mr Digital, Ross Crawford, has been on the SEO journey for over 8 years. He has seen SEO evolve over the years, from the days of ‘keyword-stuffing’ and developing any old backlink to the quality content first strategies that are the key to success today. However, Google is constantly changing its algorithm to provide better results so it’s important for businesses like Mr Digital to evolve too and stay ahead of the curve. So, with the growing popularity of voice-activated searches using Alexa, Suri and Google Assistant, there’s a big change happening right now in SEO - and Mr Digital is calling it ‘voice search optimisation’.

Rather than waiting to see what other agencies were doing with voice search optimisation, Mr Digital decided to do it’s own research and understand the patterns. As a result, Mr Digital has been able to develop a voice search optimisation best practice guide for the benefit of its clients.

Ross Crawford, Founder of Mr Digital, said: “I’m so excited about the next evolution of search engine optimisation. I am always excited when there’s a huge change in an industry and this is one for us.

“I would like to thank Alexa, Suri and Google Assistant for coming into our lives and making them exciting again. We’ve had tremendous fun testing them with simple questions like “hey Suri, who is Ahmed Bessedik? Alexa, what Italian restaurants are there nearby? Ok Google, who won the X Factor in 2016?”

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