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Infinity Games continues its loop saga, now with Loop Energy

Infinity Games is lauching Loop Energy, their best game so far. The mobile game combines art, design, music and metaphysics, providing a relaxing experience to the players.


Odivelas, Portugal -- After massive hits like the classic Infinity Loop, Infinity Games releases now Loop Energy, credited by the own company as the best game of the whole “loop” franchise. After reaching enormous download numbers in Android and iOS platforms, the game company puts all the cards on a different version, combining the best features contained in the previous three games – Infinity Loop, HEX and Current Stream – and succeeding to Infinity Loop: HEX.

Based on the same pillars as its predecessors, Loop Energy will challenge player’s brains and encourage creativity to flow in order to solve puzzles with lamps, wires and lightning bolts. The concept is quite relaxing and interstellar, providing a satisfying and immersive experience. This environment is built through a mix between the beautiful puzzles and a soothing soundtrack selected especially to this game.

Unlike other Infinity Games releases, Loop Energy displays a highly artistic strand and seems to be part of a universe where rules imagination, design, visual arts and metaphysics. Connecting the wires and the energy sources, the players complete the circuits and will discover surprising figures, which can be described as little art pieces nursed with light. Solving the puzzle, the play can photograph the art figure and store it on smartphone.

Loop Energy was developed by Oskar Kuligowski and Ziemowit Rachwal. Regarding the game launching, Oskar has no doubts in considering Loop Energy as “the best ever produced by Infinity Games, despite sharing the same style of other efforts”. The polish developer highlights the “incredible game beauty and the way it can transport us to a relaxing reality in a matter of seconds, even if we are trapped in traffic or in subway’s rush hour”.

On the other hand, Ziemowit prefers to emphasize the “heuristic game feature or, in other words, the ability to devise and disclosure things hidden at first sight”. The polish developer believes that “the unblocking of lighting figures after solving levels is the biggest attribute of Loop Energy and works as a visual reward to players”. Speaking ironically, Ziemowit says the players are like “an art unlocker”, once “the player is empowered to complete the puzzle to see what figure is hidden behind that level”.

Loop Energy is available for free download on Google Play and on the App Store, being compatible with Android and iOS systems.


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