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Voice Changer Software Diamond gets New File Morpher tools

The latest build of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 is out with new updates for its File Morpher feature, including two new tools Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster.


Audio4fun announces the newest update for Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.5 with the brand new tools Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster included in its File Morpher feature. These two new tools are the major change in functionality that can help File Morpher perform better with more audio morphing options. More information can be found at

In this latest update, File Morpher feature is now integrated with the two new tools Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster. Tempo Morpher will help users bend the tempo of audio files to their will. On the other hand, Volume Booster is a great tool to modify the power of sound.

“File Morpher is a feature specially designed to bring out the most comfortable experience for users when making changes to audio files. With this new update, not only can File Morpher convert audio formats and apply morphing effects, now it is also further improved with the new Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster. Most of all, all of those functions can be used to process audio files in batches via playlist management,” said Chris R.F., Head of Quality Administration.

What can File Morpher do?

- Anyone can freely save and load their own existing audio playlists, or create and manage all new ones within the feature. Therefore, the audio files can be processed either one by one or in batches all at once with playlists.

- Users can convert audio format and select output quality with the three settings: sample rates, channels and options. Supported formats: *WAV, *WMA, *MP3, *AIF, *AU, *IRC, *NIST, *APE, *MP2 and *OGG.

- When morphing audio files, File Morpher can conveniently use settings from Voice Morpher, Voice Effects and Voice Beautifying features to quickly apply to audio files. Users can check and hear the differences in File Morpher right at the moment they adjust settings in other features.

- File Morpher has two modes: Full Mode and Quick Mode to fit any user’s need. With Full Mode, users will be able to manage audio playlists, choose audio formats and save locations. With Quick Mode, users can process audio files immediately by using any of the settings created or stored in Full Mode.

- Newly added Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster can also be combined with other morphing options at the same time. All users are able to change the speed of audio files and increase or decrease the volume, while simultaneously applying or adjusting other morphing effects.

All users can find the new tools Tempo Morpher and Volume Booster at the bottom-right corner of File Morpher in both Full Mode and Quick Mode. With this update, Audio4fun aims to make File Morpher to be an even more versatile feature with these new helpful functions so that users can create even more amazing results. More in-depth specifications about AV Voice Changer Software Diamond can be found at

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