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Pain Recovery Center of Tyler now Offering Second Opinion Services in Greater Tyler, Texas

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is now offering medical second opinion services for patients in the Greater Tyler, Texas area.


Tyler, TX -- When an individual suffers from an acute injury or a chronic pain condition, the diagnosis and various treatment options may become confusing. A person may also feel the information they are receiving from their physician is not correct. Pain Recovery Center of Tyler can help with their second opinion services. As a pain management clinic in Tyler, Texas offering the most modern and conservative treatment options, the physicians are available to help individuals gain another perspective on their injury and treatment plan.

The pain management doctors at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler are able to perform a thorough medical review and physical examination, as well as review past and current x-rays, MRIs and other diagnostic tests, in order to provide a second opinion. The team can help a person better understand if:

- Their current injury diagnosis and treatment plan is correct
- They are getting the best treatments available
- They have other pain management options before surgery is required

A second opinion also allows individuals to compare diagnosis and treatment plans between two physicians. After the second opinion is reached, the physicians at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler may validate the existing treatment plan or may offer alternative options they feel are best.

In order to schedule a second opinion with Pain Recovery Center of Tyler, patients will need to collect a copy of their medical records, MRIs, x-rays and other diagnostic test results. Once their medical records are gathered, they may contact the pain management office directly for an appointment time.

About Pain Recovery Center of Tyler

Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is a multidisciplinary clinic that strives to provide chronic pain relief with over 15 safe and effective pain management techniques. The goal and mission at Pain Recovery Center of Tyler is to help patients overcome pain using the most modern and conservative pain management techniques available today. Our team works daily with attorneys, chiropractors, employers and insurance adjusters, as well as workers' compensation cases.

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