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Certero Launches AssetStudio for Cloud

Certero has launched AssetStudio for Cloud, the new Cloud Asset Management solution, to address the challenges in managing Cloud software.


Warrington, United Kingdom -- Certero has launched AssetStudio for Cloud, which addresses the key challenges organizations face in managing software delivered via the Cloud, regardless of SaaS, PaaS or IaaS.

Certero firmly believes that the particular challenges of Cloud necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from that traditionally applied to manage on-premise licensing models. To this end, we have coined the term Cloud Asset Management or CAM.

In time we fully expect AssetStudio for Cloud will become synonymous with CAM.

Key benefits of CAM, delivered by AssetStudio for Cloud include:

• Accurate discovery, inventory and consumption tracking of applications delivered in the Cloud.
• Overcome the limitations of Cloud portals, by providing access to a single centralized view with expanded access to data and improved analysis and reporting.
• Precise and granular insight into IaaS, PaaS and SaaS usage, across your organization, regardless of who is using or paying for them.
• Information from the Cloud can be combined with that for on-prem deployment, thereby providing a complete end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure.
• Accurate, complete view of investments and their usage across the whole IT estate enables better budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation.
• Access all the information needed to ensure a successful migration to the Cloud, safe in the knowledge that any subsequent investment will be properly managed to deliver maximum value at minimum cost.

Certero’s highly automated AssetStudio technology is simple and quick to deploy, delivering rapid, accurate, consistent and repeatable results. The need for manual intervention is considerably reduced, meaning that service/process elements – typically requiring highly-skilled, scarce and costly resources – are kept to a minimum, resulting in extremely cost-effective solutions. Any services that are required are delivered by Certero’s own highly-skilled SAM, CAM and licensing consultants, expert in the technology and with years of practical experience helping customers achieve licensing excellence. If your driver is ultimately to become self-sufficient, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re already using familiar, proven technology.

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